Sunday, November 25, 2012

Holiday Decorating 2012

I have been waiting all my life to decorate my dream home...

I have ideas stored in my head for years...

AND Pinterest really helps to create even more new and innovative decorating ideas :)

So we took this long weekend, to decorate our new home for the holidays!

First things first, our big trip to Lowe's for the tree*, pointsettias, garland and supplies
*so he doesn't look thrilled because he thought when he suggested an artificial tree last year, I said sure but that was not forever.  That was only until we moved into our current home where we could have both real and artificial ;)

This is my homemade centerpiece for the dining room table (inspired by ideas I saw on Pinterest)

Pointesettias with white lights is an idea my mom and I got from her friend Cathy years ago...I chose the kitchen for this piece of sparkle this year

Our manger- a gift that Rob surprised me with years ago...I love now has the perfect spot in our dining room

For the front bannister, I wrapped live garland and red tulle along with a set of white lights (it was my first time waiting in line to buy fabric at the fabric store)

On the foyer console, I am displaying two sparkly Target finds- a tree and a large silvery jar filled with holiday bulbs

Another piece in the kitchen is the Yankee Candle of the season- Christmas Cookie (thought it is not my favorite holiday scent, I felt it was perfect in the kitchen- my favorite is Christmas Eve which I am hogging in my office/tv room right now)

and my Seven Fishes book is proudly displayed this year!

In my office, we used the artificial tree.  I went with a blue and green theme to match the decor in the room (I included starfish and other ocean-inspired ornaments because I have always wanted to do that)

Outside, I decorated the mailbox by wrapping live garland and white lights on the post and adding a red bow for some color

In the doorway, we replaced our fall pumpkins in the planters with mini Christmas trees!
*For both the mailbox and the planters, we bought battery-operated lights from Target- for the win!

For the front door, we bought a wreath at Lowe's that we can use all year.  I tied a red bow on it for the Christmas season

Ronnie brought me a beautiful rosemary tree for Thanksgiving; I am displaying on the kitchen table because I think it looks festive- can't wait to use it!

Auntie Peggy brought me some beautiful fall flowers- red roses, green berries and other seasonal blooms-a beautiful addition in the dining room

To take a break from decorating and to "re-fuel"...the girls hit the Village Bean- our favorite coffee shop in town- the power had gone out because of the wind and I also wanted to support small business Saturday.  Diana had been begging me to go for a "strawberry smoothly" hysterical ;)

When we got back, we had Thanksgiving leftovers with the kiddos and then decorated the big, real tree in the family room

and last but not least, we cannot forget Diana's tree in her adorable and girlie!

and because we got all of our decorating done, "Relf" the Elf, returned last night
We found him in Diana's bedroom, hanging from the curtain rod ;)

Tis' the Season...


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