Monday, September 7, 2015

Dear Eva (at 16 months),

Dear Eva (at 16 months),

You are our pigeon.  Our pure joy.  You always are able to make us smile.  You took your time and finally started walking over the past month.  Around the same time, you also sprouted your first tooth.  You have had a great way of calming us down and teaching us that things happen when they are supposed to…and you will do things in your own time.

You LOVE to eat…we don’t think we can ever feed you enough and your doctor said, “that is wonderful!”  You are actually a little light for your age AND a little tall!  We giggle at those statistics.

You have started to say a few words and they are so precious….thank you sounds like “Tank Ta” and Diana sounds like “Di Do”…Mama and Dada sound spot on!  You also say BASEBALL because Papa Bob taught you…and of course you say Papa!  He is your Pal.  My favorite word you say is PLEASE because you have the cutest little lisp and it melts my heart.  You usually use it when you are asking for more food and after you say AND sign MORE.  Too precious for words.

You are so round and squishy and happy….you melt our fears away. 

You go to daycare on Mondays and we are glad you have that chance to interact with other tots…we haven’t been as good about getting you involved in group activities just yet!  It is true what they say about Child #2. 

You still have some separation anxiety and fear of people in general; you cry at most people until you warm up.  If someone feeds you though, you become their best friend.

You LOVE playing with Diana- she is your idol and we can take you anywhere. The only thing you are not a fan of is sleeping in hotels; thank God we don’t travel much!

Your hair is blonde and your eyes are blue and you spend hours every day just playing in Mama’s office.  Thank you for completing our family and completing my life.  I love you more than I can explain or write and my heart bursts with gratitude!  You are our Sweet Girl- our Good Girl.

Love you Pidge!

Love, Mama


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