Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Favorites (September 4, 2015)

Linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals HERE

Just like Andrea, I am keeping it RANDOM this week!

 Quality time with my Mom is always my favorite....we checked out Earl's Kitchen at the new Assembly Row in Somerville (just outside of Boston)- it was o.k. I love the atmosphere of this shopping/restaurant plaza, however, and would love to try a different place next time!  Here is my gorgeous...forever young Mom

Back to school time is also hair cut time for of my favorite people in our lives is our hairdresser Claribel :)

Another Favorite?  When Friends come together to support another friend in need...simply the best

and cheer of course...starting to really appreciate the coaching relationships and even more so getting to spend more time with Diana :)

Sending Zach off to college again is NOT a favorite...but watching this special relationship is!

My husband's new homemade healthy baked eggplant (straight out of our garden) is a new favorite!

Watching the Blessing of Sisters :)

Diana's New 2nd Grade Adventures...Very Excited for this School Year

and who doesn't love their birthday?  You would think I would be dreading my 40's but I feel younger than ever and as I always say, age is a state of mind.  I am so blessed to have the best family, friends, and work family...I feel surrounded by love.
Yesterday, I was spoiled by Janie in the office and the team
and then last night my besties took me out for cocktails, apps and homemade cupcakes by Greer!
We had a blast at Black Water Grill (as you know, one of my faves)
so...this birthday?  A definite FAVORITE!

and I was spoiled by the most beautiful, sentimental gifts.....
Check out these hand painted sandals (Lilly print of course) from the BFF!  Just gorgeous

and the cards were my favorite....such thoughtful ladies

and my girls enjoyed leftover cupcakes from Janie this morning....Mother of the Year here!

and did anyone shop the Lily Pulitzer After Party Sale?
I thought it was so organized and was my first time shopping it!  I got my mom two Christmas presents!  I also got a couple of sweaters for myself and two last summer and one fall...they are below and I KNOW they will be FAST FAVORITES!

Have an AMAZING weekend everyone and thank you for reading my Friday Favorites This Week!


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