Wednesday, September 2, 2015

First Day of 2nd Grade and The Next Generation of Moms and Mimosas!

Diana was a bit nervous this morning but excited at the same time.  She is getting read to start 2nd grade!  Like every mom asks, "Where did my baby go?"  I am so proud of her and very optimistic for the year ahead.  

We went into school yesterday to officially meet her teacher Mrs. Martin and Rob and I were astounded at everything she had ready for the kids in her classroom.  You could tell she put so much effort into every little detail.  It got us even more excited!
We had to snap a pic of course!
Here is Diana yesterday with her teacher Mrs. Martin :)

and then this morning, my favorite tradition
The first day of school pictures...with the chalkboard!

and Eva getting in on the action :)

and with Mama and Daddy of course

and waiting for the bus's here!

ahhhh...still get that catch in my throat...
and that is why I decided to take over a tradition in town
When I moved here and got thrown into helping to raise my stepkids, every first day of school, my lovely friend Laurie would host "Moms and Mimosas"
It was a chance to cry...and laugh...and celebrate...together with friends
I really enjoyed going...even though I was a stepmom and working most of  the time, she still included me...and I loved it
Laurie's sons are grown and I decided that this wonderful tradition needed to continue!
I sent out the evite to many of the moms I know in town and called it "Moms and Mimosas- The Next Generation"

It was a easy- champagne and orange juice...I didn't go crazy with the food and Thank God because everyone brought something delicious!
We had a wonderful  morning catching up and celebrating the new year of school ahead!


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