Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Favorites (September 18, 2015)

Linking up this week with NARCI

We have a real push in town to "GO GOLD in September" to recognize childhood cancer.  Our annual Blackout Cancer Game is tonight- proceeds will go to pediatric cancer research- wonderful community event that reminds us how lucky we are when are children are healthy- it also reminds us to support our families fighting this horrible disease in all its forms- BLACKOUT GAME has become a favorite of mine over the last 5 years

Other favorites pale in comparison, however, my blog is my fun place and my online journal and scrapbook so let's have some fun

Fall cooking....will be starting this weekend.  Trying some new recipes which is always fun!  Ally and Aaron are going to be my guinea pigs tomorrow night.  One is from one of my newest favorite bloggers Shay...doesn't this look good?
You can check out her recipe HERE

Also going to try making a popular Pinterest recipe
Crockpot Dr. Pepper Ribs

and a salad I found on Pinterest that looks AMAZING...Arugula with Grapes and Onions...mmmmm

Ebay?  Always a favorite yes!  Some of my newer favorites are a few crossbody bags I have found there.....
Hot Pink Patent Leather AND Kate Spade?  Yes please!

and Michael Kors Cobalt

and I LOVE LOVE bringing out the fall scented Yankee Candles....Pumpkin Pie...Spiced Pumpkin and Happy Halloween are a few faves making their annual debut....and this year, two new favorites
Vanilla Bourbon...OMG

and Vineyard

These two can really be enjoyed all year but they seem most appropriate for Fall...don't ya think?

and Pinterest isn't only for recipes...I get many fashion ideas there too!
Don't you love all of the Fall Outfits you can find posted right now?

Hope you all have an AMAZING Friday and WONDERFUL weekend...I am off!


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