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What's Up Wednesday! (July 2016)

It's that time of the month!  It is time to catch up on "What's Up!"
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What We're Eating This Week
We are trying to grab hold of and enjoy every last piece of fresh fruit and fresh veggies of the season.  Also, our garden starts to bloom in August.  We could get veggies earlier if we planted earlier, but we are in New England and really have to be careful with frost.  This year, we even had a frost after we planted Memorial Day Weekend SO that is why our veggies are late in the season!
I am looking forward to Rob's homemade pickles and zucchini on the grill.  
As far as this week, it is a CRAZY busy week so we are keeping it simple with grilled meats and salads. 
Here are a couple of favorites that I am including this week!

The Pioneer Woman's Chicken Salad with Blueberries, Feta and Corn
Find the Recipe HERE

and one of our old standbys

Barley and Corn Salad with Arugula and Green Beans
Find the Recipe HERE 
and I need to share this new snack we tried- we love Skinny Pop and really enjoyed this new Jalapeno flavor-delish!

What I'm Reminiscing About
 My theater performances- mostly in college but even further back to elementary school.
With Diana being in acting camp and being bitten by the "bug", we have been talking about a lot of shows.  I have been thinking back and have realized that theater has always been a beautiful part of my life.  It is so fun to share the magic with Diana now!
This was from my favorite show of all time- Guys and Dolls.  I played Adelaide during my Senior Year in College- 1995.  I always wanted that part and I was blessed with it before I graduated :)

   What I'm Loving
Time outside and more specifically, all of the exercise I am getting outside between running, walking and golf.  I will never forget this summer.  It is the summer that I decided to leave my comfort zone and try things that have always inspired me- I just did it and had a blast.  When I look back on some of the best times of my life, they have started with me doing something I was nervous about.  Isn't that funny?
and being welcomed in by these lovely ladies has been the icing on the cake!

and the weather has been amazing!  It reminds me of the Summer of 2010

  What We've Been Up To

We had a great 4th of July Weekend!
 We hosted an awesome bash and then spent quality family time and ended the weekend with a 5K (for Mama) and a day in Rockport- perfect New England weekend- there is no better place to be in the summer than home!

and Mama has been doing lots of running/jogging with Greer and the girls

Diana had a GREAT day with Auntie Mar!
and there has also been Wednesday Night Golf and the associated shenanigans thing for Mama ;)

We had our 2nd Annual Hot Dog Hoe Down with the Grahams and Beans
Read about it HERE  

and that night Diana and Alice had their first sleepover!
Daddy, Zach and Papa went to the Red Sox Game- Check it out- 3 Generations!

and while the boys were at Fenway, Lea and I took the girls to see The Secret Life of Pets- It was Eva's first time at the movies and she did so well!

We have slowly been working on potty training- Eva is 2- a little early I guess- but she is showing interest slowly but surely!

We have been hitting the beach!
 Daddy worked with Pidge in the yard- softball drills! 

We celebrated Mary's 50th!

Diana has been working hard on her cheer skills- she attended Edge Cheer Camp in Nashua and she has been working consistently with Coach Nicole at ECE- Check it out!

and one of Diana's ECE coaches posted these old videos- hard to believe it is only two years ago- she looks like such a baby!

and she is also working hard at Acting Camp- we can't wait for the show-she is playing an Oompa Loompa in Willy Wonka, The Musical
Check out the hair ;)
We spent a wonderful day with our cousins at their pool

Some slow-mo jumping action for you here :)

 and speaking of pools, Diana has been in them every week (at theater camp) and every weekend (at friends' houses!)  She really lives the life :)

 We made a little gift for our favorite police officer- Officer Matt (thank you Pinterest!)

We lost a tree in a micro burst last week and Daddy worked hard to cut down the branches and get everything cleared up- thank God for safety and no damage

Mama has enjoyed some quality time with girlfriends.
Thank God for the girls- priceless therapy!

and we make trips every week to our favorite little coffee shop in town- The Village Bean- here are two of my favorite girls of all time (both graduated with Zach and both are still local)
We enjoyed the Fisher Cats game with friends- the kiddos had an absolute blast!

 It was Super Heroes night and Batman was MC'ing- Rob was pumped ;)

and in typical NH fashion, we literally had a "skunk delay" not even kidding

and we wrapped up last weekend with another Couples Golf Tourney at WCC.  This one was called "Lobstah Trap" and it was just that.  We had an awesome night of golf- awesome weather- lots of laughs and wrapped up the night with an amazing Lobster dinner- Rob and I golfed with Lea and Mike :)

and cheer started this week!  Can you believe it!  Ahhh how time flies...our first week of practice was awesome- I am so impressed with these girls already- what a passionate, fun and hard working group- love them!

What I'm Dreading

Back to School
I guess this is an ambiguous answer however.
I am looking forward to back to school but at the same time dreading it- I don't want to think about homework and routines, etc etc.  We are having such a wonderful summer- I wish it could last forever!
   We already got the supply list too :(
 What I'm Working On
Well, as you have probably already figured out, running and golf
Golf will be an ongoing battle of course
My next running goal is to run the entire 5K
After that is accomplished, I will begin training for a 10k
Can't Stop- Won't Stop!
I am also putting together our cheer practice schedules and formats.  I can't believe we started this week already!  It is so much fun with these little nuggets and I am working to make sure they have the best season ever!

What I'm Excited About

Diana's Show!
Can't wait to see her in her first play ever!  It is going to be fun.  After the show, we are hosting our family and friends for a Make Your Own Sundae Night!
 What I'm Watching/Reading

We have been watching Ally McBeal on Netflix.  We are up to Season 3 and we both love it- many laughs!
and I, along with several friends, have been enjoying Odd Mom Out on Bravo- HYSTERICAL!
Two movies I have really enjoyed lately have included
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
and Miracles from Heaven (gut wrenching-inspirational and a true story!)
and I recently wrapped up two great books by two of my favorite authors!

Who Do You Love by Jennifer Weiner and Beautiful Day by Elin Hilderbrand
Next up is The Rumor also by Elin Hilderbrand- I especially love reading her novels in the summer since they are all set in Nantucket

What I'm Listening To

For running, my mix includes: My Life Would Suck Without you (Glee Mix), Black Balloon (Goo Goo Dolls), Brave (Sara Bareilles), Chandelier (Sia), Drag Me Down (One Direction) and more
For golf, we have been listening to Pandora's Bachelorette Party Channel- it includes songs by Madonna, Kool and the Gang, Spice Girls, Usher and more- so fun!

What I'm Wearing

Lilly!  Oh yes and Lilly for Target! 

 What I'm Doing This Weekend

It is going to be intense.  It is going to be a lot of work and it is going to be fun!
The prize at the end of the weekend will be having Sharon and Maya there to watch our performance and then they will be coming back to the house so we can catch up and celebrate!

 What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month

Pearl Jam at Fenway with Laurel and Tom- Woohoo!

and Storyland and Santa's Village with the Grahams

What Else is New?

Between all of this fun, we have been working hard and we are very grateful to have the jobs we do- always grateful for the balance, the business and enjoying what we do

Bonus Question of the Month
“What was your favorite part about summer?”.
 I would have to say time spent at the beach.  For me, there is nothing like sitting in my beach chair, on wet sand, at low tide, and smelling the salt water, getting sprayed by waves and getting warmed by the sun.  While on the NH coast, I love looking left and seeing my favorite home and hearing seagulls (when they are in the distance of course).  It is the most peaceful feeling for me and my true happy place :)
Here is my favorite home at the beach
I look forward to reading all that you have been up to! 


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