Friday, July 1, 2016

Friday Favorites (July 1, 2016- Summer Faves)

It is that time again! It is FRI-YEAH!  
Time to link up with Andrea, Erika and Narci HERE

This edition is my "Summer Faves" Edition

In addition to sharing our faves from the week, I am excited to share some of my favorite summer items- I hope you enjoy some of these too

My friends and I LOVE red wine but most of us agree that white is better in the summer; this is a fave this season- 90+ Sauvignon Blanc- from the Marlborough, New Zealand region- fruity, citrusy, crisp and so refreshing

 What do the three pictures above have in common?
Cooking Camp!  Diana and Alice are enjoying cooking camp this week and on Monday when I picked them up, I was able to hang at Jill's for awhile and enjoy this Mango Beer (delish) and some squishes with Baby Maggie while the kiddos swam in the pool- perfect Summer afternoon- definitely a fave!

 My favorite Summer scent is "Cool Water" for women-it just smells like the ocean to me- pure bliss!

and while we are on the topic of summer scents- my favorite Yankee Candle for the summer is Honeydew Melon

 and favorite summer eats this season have been lots of fish, especially jumbo shrimp and grilled, salads and gluten free pizzas- last Friday night, I enjoyed a gluten free cornmeal crust, with organic tomatoes, ricotta and arugula on my pizza.  (and didn't feel so guilty eating it- PLUS it gave me the carb boost I needed for my run the next morning)

Summer fun with friends is always a fave but this week was extra fun!

Fun at the "M-G Resort and Spa" ;)


Sushi Night with the Fourniers!

and GOLF of course!  (Our golf pro at WCC, Rich, won the PGA Professional Tournament just as we were teeing off- the people in the bar were watching him on t.v. before we tee'd off and you could hear the screams a mile away)  Another very FUN night!

One of the best nights all year- Windham Fireworks Night!


My fave pics of the week- my girls being silly, Diana showing off the "fruit sushi" she made at Cooking Camp, Pidge wearing Daddy's sneakers and Diana and Sam at Fro Yo :)
and wrapping up with my fashion faves of the week:
 White swing tank from Old Navy (Perfect for our holiday BBQ)- sorry friends it is sold out but you can find similar tops there still AND lots of good sales going on!
 I am going to pair it with my Cobalt Blue Kendra Scott Rayne Pendant- looks like this
and to complete the Red, White & Blue look- Bright Red Lipstick of course :)
I have also been digging the "summer scarf" look
I love this scarf at Old Navy- I didn't buy it but I am admiring it from afar- you can still get it for $9.99!
and seeing it reminds me to start wearing my summer scarfs again- like my Lilly one in "She she sells"
Hope you all have a smashing holiday weekend!  I know we will- chalk full of great friends, games, food, drinks and sunshine!!!


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