Monday, July 18, 2016

Dear Diana (at almost 8!)

Dear Diana Mary,

You are our first born
You have been demanding since your first breath

You are dramatic, sassy and full of energy

You are also passionate, have the biggest heart and you are very loyal

We wouldn't have it any other way

Daddy and I always joke that "we knew our first born would be a crazy combination of the both of us"
and you have made that a reality

Here you are at 7 (almost 8)...just a few weeks ago...Summer of 2016!

When I sat down to interview you, your answers were spot on...and maybe even a few were a little it goes....

What is your favorite color: "Pink"

What is your favorite t.v. show: "Full House"

What is your favorite movie: "Happy Potter"

What is your favorite food: "Kit Kats" 

What is your favorite place to visit: "The lake"

What is your favorite part of summer: "My Birthday" shocker ;)

What is your favorite thing about Eva: "She's adorable!'

What one word best describes you: "Loyal" AMEN

and I wanted to add a few things after our "interview."
I see myself in you all the time but as I have also told you, you are my biggest inspiration.  Your energy, your fitness level and your determination inspire me to keep trying harder and working hard both physically and mentally.  Your little words of encouragement, when I come back from a run, also choke me up and remind me how special you are.  The world may often misunderstand you; it tends to do that to many special people but please do not let anyone crush your spirit.  Never change; as your teachers and principal have said to me in the past, you will be our president and/or you will be running a company some day- full steam ahead.

I love you my Baby Bird XOXO

Love, Mama


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