Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Favorites (July 15, 2016)

It is Fri-Yay!  Woohoo!
Time to share my favorites from this past week, and boy was it a fun week so I have SEVERAL faves to share with you today!

and as always, I'm linking up with Erika, Andrea and Narci HERE

The Beach-Beach....
Going every week- on this day, our girls made us roar with their re-enactment of the first scene of Jaws- glad I am not the only one who lets my kid watch that movie- kindred spirits once again

and nothing beats ice cream after being in the sun! Beach ice cream is FOR THE WIN

After our 2nd Annual Hot Dog Hoe Down
(Read about it HERE)

Diana and Alice had their first sleepover.  Although they stayed up until midnight, they slept through the night and did not get scared!
The next morning we treated them to breakfast at Marianne's before bringing Alice home
These girls warm my heart- they are a Friday Fave for sure- and always a fave
Here is the THEN and NOW of these BFFs :)
pic on the left is their very first play date at 18 months old
pic on the right is their first sleepover at 7 years old

and the fun continued later on Saturday when both girls went to their pal Lucy's bday party
These crazy cats even swam in the rain!  Gotta love my friend Kathy and all of her love and spirit XOXOXO

Comfy Crashing with One of my Besties is always a fave
Saturday night was Mama's night to chill out with Beth Ann

Daddy had to play at a private party so we threw on the yoga pants and BA brought over a high end J. Lohr Cab because she knew that would make me her friend forever ;)
Diana and Ella had a ball of their own while we caught up

Theater Camp!  Diana has started to really enjoy Triple Threat Theater Camp this summer- this has been her first week and she already said "I am doing this next year again!" Praise the Lord!
Here she is rehearsing the audition cut from Matilda- "Naughty"

Check it out!

The Secret Life of Pets
One word?  ADORBS
Lea and I took the girls to the movies on Sunday- it was a rainy summer weekend but it didn't stop us from having fun
It was Eva's first time at the movies and she was so good!
Chunky's is a local cinema where you sit in old car seats at tables and eat (and drink wine) while you watch the movie ;)

Eva's Summer Fun is definitely a fave.  I love seeing the magic of life through my girls' eyes.
It is like I am reliving my wonderful childhood through them- this time I get to witness their happiness and joy
Eva just makes our lives even so much MORE JOYFUL!

Saying "Cheese" and spilling over with joy from presents from Auntie Janie

Her school sent us this pic- the kiddos enjoyed Kona Ice this week- just precious- notice how happy she is?  Ha ha!!
 and Diana reading her book to her from Auntie Janie- pain in my heart!

and her just pure silliness :)

 Mary's Birthday!
My friend Mary turned 50- no one can believe it- she looks 30 and it is unreal.
The girls decided to take her out for dinner to celebrate. The restaurant we went to is called Tuckaway Tavern in Raymond.  You can find them HERE 

We had to wait TWO hours...yes TWO!
Was it worth it?
For that night, with girlfriends and the 2 for 1 Lobster Rolls YES indeed.  If I was there with my family including hungry kiddos, no.  The wait was a great excuse to have a cocktail and catch up with friends.  The lobster roll and our awesome waitress were also two reasons why the wait was worth it.

 My faves from The Tuckaway included:
1. Drinks- tasty and reasonably priced
2. Prices- Overall very reasonable!
3. The 2 for 1 lobster roll specials that they run on Monday and Tuesday nights
4. The atmosphere- fun, loud and rustic (I guess the rustic thing is growing on me- must be the NH living)
5. The butcher shop specials- the butchery is attached and you can marvel at all of the wonderful meats BUT they also offer meat packs that are a great deal with lots of tasty options!  You can order and take them out OR EVEN have them shipped to you!
 6. The Rooster Balls-tasty app that includes shredded chicken, cream cheese and veggies-delish
7. Our waitress- fun, kind, funny, awesome customer service and very knowledgeable

 The downsides/negatives:
1. The wait- insane- they should start taking reservations- we were quoted 1.45 hours and it took well over 2 hours to seat us AND they buzzed us at one point and then said they never buzzed us- they made a mistake but wouldn't own it-ridiculous

2. They shut the kitchen at 9 and don't close until 10, as a result, the birthday girl did not get the desserts of her choice because of how long it took them to seat us

So overall, the pros outweigh the cons- Check them out if you are local!

I get very excited when Wednesdays hit now!  Wednesday night means golf night- I get giddy!
Yes I am still pretty terrible but I love trying to get better and hanging with some of my very fun friends- we laugh, we talk, we sometimes have cocktails and we listen to 80's and 90's house/pop/rap music...I know I know...OH SO FUN

My pre-golf selfie ;)

and pre-golf hydration (citrus seltzer with blueberries, cucumber, mint and lime- DELISH!)

This week, Lea and I decided to abandon our power cart and take push carts like the other ladies- we thought we would suck it up and walk the entire thing was one disaster after another....I dropped my phone and it SHATTERED..yes shattered!  Anyone who knows me knows my life is in my phone SO that annoyed me...then we the 93 degree heat...sweat like mad (and we weren't even having cocktails).  Then I dumped my bag because the push cart was so difficult and then Lea SHATTERED her phone...and so it went
We were so and sweaty...and you know what? 
It was still WAY BETTER than any other snow day in January-ha ha!!
I still LOVE this new thing in my life and hey!  I got to upgrade my phone and get the Iphone 6s plus which is a dream.  It means work is so much more doable!
and check out my snazzy case- it is not Lilly but it will do ;) (oh and yes, Lea and I are back to our motorized cart and coordinating cocktails next week- duh!)

Blue Hydrangeas!
Yes, thanks to Janie!  She picked them from her yard and brightened up my day as always!  The blue hydrangea is my favorite flower

Wine Club!
Last night, we enjoyed wine cocktails and appetizers- perfect theme for a hot summer night.  My favorite wine cocktail was made with just Prosecco and Peach Puree with a few blueberries tossed in- it was so refreshing!
We actually started our night at Beth Ann's beautiful pool but had to move inside when the thunder and lightening started.  I enjoyed going over to help her prepare and snapped a few pics of the apps she had me make- we had another great night- these ladies, and the wine, feed my soul :)

Hope you all have an amazing Summer Weekend- can't wait to read all about your faves and fun!


Cara@HomespunKitchen said...

Sounds like an amazing week! I so want to hang with you and your friends, you all have so much fun!!

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