Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday Favorites (July 8, 2016)

It is that time again- it is time to celebrate the BEST day all week!!  Woohoo!
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My favorite saying and inspirational comment of the week is as follows:

We are getting ready for our 2nd Annual Hot Dog Hoe Down
It is a hot dog competition that my friend Greer invented
Three families are involved and each family makes two different types of unique hot dog toppings
Last year, during our first competition, the ladies made the toppings and we served them to the hubbies (who were blindfolded).  They then judged.
Greer and Gordon made a Coney Island Chili Dog and a Poutine Dog, Jill and Eric made a Chip and Dip Dog and a BBQ Dog and Rob and I made a White Chicken Chili Dog and Salsa Dog.
Greer and Gordon's Chili Dog won of course!
This year, we are not doing the blindfolds.  We are not keeping secrets.  All 6 adults will try all 6 toppings on their dogs and then cast a blind ballot.  The winner will be chosen by the votes.  Can't wait!  Stay tuned for the recap and this year, I will also share the recipes with you!
So yes the Hot Dog Hoe Down is a Friday Fave but it will be more documented in next week's post.  What lead me to this, is this cute little calendar that I found online.  It shows you all of the different National Summer Days.  Even though our Hot Dog Competition won't be on the exact National Hot Dog Day, we will pay tribute to this blessed American Holiday regardless :)
Hope you enjoy this calendar- it is one of my Friday Faves for sure!

Auntie Mar is a Friday NO Every Day Fave...She is...
My Aunt/Godmother/Mom's Sister and she took Diana for the day on Wednesday
She was a teacher and she is described as Mother Earth
You would never know that this woman had lost a child- she has lived her life serving others and remains one of my biggest inspirations
Diana is a handful and Auntie Mar did not back down- she educated, played, crafted, dined, movie'd and more with her- she made sure that she was busy from 10am to 7pm and you know what?  Diana came home THRILLED, HAPPY AND somewhat mission accomplished- HA HA!! (The cherry on the sundae was that my aunt captured pics all day and sent them to me- I guess that is where I get it) :)

She looks so happy- warms my heart

Crafts all morning!


Happy Meal at McD's- for the win!

The BFG in 3D!
 and wrapped up the night back at Auntie's for pizza and playing with Auntie's Doll Collection (which I used to play with when I was that age)

What a special day- I get choked up when I think about it- so thoughtful- so grateful

 Has anyone tried the Fage Crossovers?
OMG...delish! I saw the commercial for this one and had to try it and it did not disappoint.
Coconut Greek Yogurt with Mini Chocolate Chips
Pure Bliss

Happy Hour at Tomo in Salem
Local peeps, if you haven't been, you have to go NOW
Monday through Thursday, from 4pm-7pm, they offer $4-$7 dollar sushi rolls, beer, wine and house cocktails- what a steal and Oh ....So...Good!  Jess and I enjoyed (she has been trying to get me there for so long and we finally made it happen and I am just mad that I didn't go sooner!)  You can find them HERE

Part of my them...yes a Friday Fave and Always 

Hope you all have an amazing Summer Weekend- we will be beach'ing and Hot Dog Hoe Down'ing and Yard'ing and Canobie Lake'ing and Red Sox'ing...For The Win!


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