Tuesday, July 12, 2016

2nd Annual Hot Dog Hoe Down!

We started this tradition last year.  My friend Greer, who is pretty much a chef, crafted the idea and a tradition was born.

Last year, her Coney Island Chili Dog won our contest.  Last year, the wives did most of the cooking and then we blindfolded our hubbies and they judged.

The six types of dogs last year were
Coney Island Chili Dog (Greer)
Poutine Dog (Gordon)
Chip and Dip Dog (Jill)
BBQ Dog (Jill)
White Chicken Chili Dog (Holly)
Salsa Dog (Rob)

This year, we did it a little differently.
No men were blindfolded- all the adults ate together- taste tested all the dogs and then voted by blind ballot. 

This year's dogs included:
Curry Dog with Potatoes and Onions (Jill)
Buffalo Dog with Blue Cheese and Celery (Jill)
Reuben Dog (Greer)
Bacon, Jalapeno Cheese Dog (Gordon)
Blue Cheese and Caramelized Onion Dog (Holly)
Pimento Cheese and Ritz Cracker Dog (Holly)

All the above recipes are pretty self-explanatory.  Jill made a simple yellow curry sauce and before putting the dogs in the buns, she had sauteed potatoes and onions and put some in each bun, then topped them with the dog and curry sauce.

For the Buffalo Dog, she made a very hot buffalo sauce and when she was putting the dogs in the buns, she topped them with the sauce, blue cheese crumbles and chopped celery.

Greer's Reuben dog had pastrami, sauerkraut, homemade Russian dressing and Swiss like a true Reuben!

Gordon's dog had bacon stuffed in the buns and the dogs themselves were stuffed with jalapeno Monterrey jack cheese.  He then topped them with mustard.

My dogs were very easy.  For the Blue Cheese Dog, I topped the dog with blue cheese spread, blue cheese crumbles and added the caramelized vidalia onions that I made.

The Pimento Ritz dog was just that- topped with pimento cheese and crushed Ritz crackers.

They were all DELISH but proud to say that Jill and I tied for 1st place this year- her curry dog and my blue cheese dog won first place- WOOHOO!!

We snapped some of the action and fun!
Great night- next year we are starting with a trophy tradition to kick it up a notch!



Shanna Johnson said...

This is a super-cute, fun idea! I love it! I can't wait to hear about next year's contest, with a trophy! You could make it where the winner gets to keep the trophy for a year, then has to win again to keep the title. Otherwise, the new winner takes the trophy away from this year's winner. LOL! Keep it interesting! Great post!


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