Sunday, October 14, 2012

Zach's "Senior Day" of WHS Football

Capturing This Day for Him so he has it FOREVER!
(Remember to pause music player on right before playing the videos)

First thing this morning

Most likely the Last Lineman's Breakfast at The Chatterbox Cafe
What Coach Fenn and Coach McQuaid dubbed four years ago "A Seat at the Table"

and this is me, the crazy lady, trying to capture every second for the ZMan

After breakfast, it was time for me to set up tailgating...I captured some videos for Zach...showing him how the parking lot slowly fills up and the tradition we parents looks forward to SO MUCH!

Here I am driving up the hill

Zach and Cory (during their home game tradition-early walk to the field to prepare)

The Start of Tailgating

Mrs Alberico


The Grand Entrance

and the big game? Windham Vs. Kennett- Final Score 51-6- Another JAG Win!

A Beautiful Senior Ceremony- It Truly Took The Cake :)

Bud- it was the best day and you deserve the best-never forget it- hope you remember it forever- we will make sure you do of course!  Love you!


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