Thursday, May 5, 2016

Dear Eva (at 2 Years Old!)

Where did our little pigeon go?

It has been 2 years since you were born and to tell you that the time has just flown by is an understatement.  I think, because you are such an angel, it feels faster than normal.  You were sleeping in your crib as soon as you came home.  You started sleeping through the night at 3 weeks old and you have always eaten like a trooper.  

You have a few nicknames.  Pigeon, a.k.a "Pidge" was the first name Daddy blessed you with.  When you started making noises in the hospital, he said you sounded like a little pigeon coo'ing.
That name stuck.  We also always refer to you as "Sweet Girl" and Daddy made up a song that goes, "Hi My Sweet Girl.  Hi My Sweet Girl.  Hello Hello to Eva.  Hi My Sweet Girl.  Hi My Sweet Girl.  Hello Hello to YOU."  You always chime in on the last sentence and it is so cute.  Then we all clap and say YEAH...:)

You have an amazing vocabulary for a 2 year old, in fact you have been speaking in full sentences already.  I think you just want to keep up with Diana and the rest of us.  Well, as you refer to her, "Dineya!"

Curious George and Daniel Tiger are still your faves and you have started to become a big fan of Elmo and Sesame Street too.

After watching Diana compete in several cheer competitions, you started showing us your routines at home too.  It is hysterical watching you throw yourself on the ground, lift one leg in the air and then pop up again.  Holy CUTENESS!

You also loved skating this winter.  Anytime we took you off the ice, you screamed and cried.  Daddy couldn't be more proud!  He will make you a hockey player if it kills him!

You still love most foods and eating but some of your favorites are cereal BARS, mac and cheese, pasta, pizza and ICE SCREAM of course...and you are really good with drinking your milk first thing in the morning.

Papa Bob is your Pal!

If you think anyone is upset, you come over and ask, "Are you okay?" and then put your little head on our are the sweetest girl and my baby.

I love you Pidge!  Happy 2nd Birthday!


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