Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday (My Personal Style)

It is Show & Tell Tuesday and time to link up with Andrea HERE

I am charged with talking about my personal style

Those who know me, know I decorate at home with what is now being called a "transitional" twist.
It is very traditional with some contemporary hints/accents.

Exhibit A- Our Dining Room
(still not done- need the rug and some new fabric chairs but it is a work in progress)

My clothing style has been described as "LILLY" ha ha!!  In all seriousness, I really love classic looks, many preppy looks and sometimes when dressing up, something sparkly and contemporary.
J Crew speaks to me- of course Lilly Pulitzer does too and now Nordstrom's and Macy's house many of my favorite looks

My sample Lilly look- PINK- flowery- romantic- so girly

I will hunt down preppy looks- this dress, that I wore in Nantucket for our 10 year anniversary (and a million times since!) is from a company called "Just Madras."  Ruffly, preppy bliss- and check out Rob's shirt?  LOVE plaid on me and him. 

During the winter, I tend to wear a lot of black, however, I always need to brighten my outfits up.  It may be with a necklace or even a handbag.  This bright Kelly green Kate Spade bag adds my pop of color to an otherwise dull outfit.  I also love throwing on my leopard flats to add an interesting pattern.

I am also thrilled that Kendra Scott decided to make the Rayne pendant.  I started seeing them on the blogs I follow and indulged in a purchase of a cobalt blue one.  After that, since I wanted one for every outfit, I scored some knock-off ones on Ebay- one pink, one marble, one black and one white.  Then when I wanted another sturdy real one, I snagged the turquoise one.  I think her accessories are the perfect accompaniment for all of my styles- preppy, romantic or contemporary!

The colors I gravitate too (outside of black) are PINK and SKY BLUE
Anytime my mom sees something in those colors, she knows I am going to love them
The more PINK the better I say.  Lilly has two colors that I always gravitate to, "Hotty Pink" and "Shorely Blue".  Look them up if you want to see colors that I think are pure bliss :)

and I am a big fan of Old Navy, especially for casual, every day clothes and outfits- my whole family is.
Old Navy actually makes my favorite jeans- I wear them ALL THE TIME

and at the same time, I love the formality and sophistication of a J Crew dress or suit or suggested outfit- they are truly timeless

That's my style- in a nutshell!


Valerie Cox said...

I love Lilly too, and I agree with you on JCrew...so timeless and classic! Love your style!

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