Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday: Favorite Vacation Edition!

Linking up with Andrea for Show & Tell Tuesday.  This link up is the Favorite Vacation Edition.
See the link up HERE

How can I pick just one?  I decided to pick a favorite from each stage of my life

As a child

It had to be Pennsylvania Dutch Country
We always did road trips when I was little- that's half of the fun right?
The highlights I remember, for my brother and me, included the slide and diving board at the hotel pool- well the pool in general.  Then the amusement park "Dutch Wonderland" across the street.  
Also, we saw real Amish people and I remember how we were not supposed to take their picture.  
The restaurants, too, were fascinating.  They were all family style and we met families from across the country.  That was the most fun.  The food, too, was incredible.
I remember one restaurant called Good N Plenty
You can check them out HERE
 and several restaurants serve up one of the local specialties called Shoofly Pie
I found a recipe that you can check out HERE

I don't have our pix from this trip.  Will have to dig them out some time as they are in books in closets at my parents house.  Here are some general pix of the area!

As a young adult
When I was a wife and step parent but not a mom yet, we would do fun little trips with my step kiddos
Our favorite, by far, was Martha's Vineyard
It was the trip where everything went wrong but we laughed so hard and had SO MUCH FUN
If you have been reading for awhile, you know I LOVE New England beaches- I love NEW ENGLAND and would never leave (God forbid).  Summers in New England are my favorite so you will often find our vacations around here!

Back to MV
We all (except my Dad) got sea sick on the ferry ride down
My brother now does an imitation of us all sick but my dad standing up, holding TWO drinks and saying "I don't feel a thing" (funny now- not so much then)
Then our shuttle van driver was quite bizarre and even backed into something during one of the stops
When he radio'd for help, no one would answer him which set my mom and I off
We were so wiped out from the trip down and so tired that we got punchy and he just really made us laugh so hard

Then during the weekend, things got more interesting
Rob got food poisoning from Scallops at what was supposed to be a great restaurant and (it was apparently NOT) called Atria- it was awful- I felt so bad for him- he was so sick
When he was starting to feel better, he hung at the hotel with my brother and the rest of us went for a bike ride- poor Zach got so sweaty and hot (because he was wearing a sweat shirt and he almost passed out- it was par for the course)

Despite all of this, like I said, we still look back upon this trip as our favorite together
Here are a few shots- these shots make it look the perfect family vaca right?  

As an adult

Once I started having my babies, I have enjoyed life even so much more than I ever thought possible
I guess you start to see things through their eyes
My favorite vacation with my littles is really hard to choose
Before Eva came along, we enjoyed one of the greatest trips ever when we went to the Bahamas and stayed at Atlantis.  Diana LOVED the pools and everything else about it- she rather live in a hotel of course (yes we have created a monster)

My parents also took us on a WONDERFUL trip to Disney; it was so magical and very special

Once Eva came along, we enjoyed a long weekend up in Kennybunkport with my Parents- the weather was PERFECT- it was my idea of a perfect New England Summer weekend- great beach time- great shopping- awesome restaurants and many laughs

But my FAVORITE, as an adult, and as a Momma had to be our recent trip to Orlando
with both friends and family- it was the perfect mix of both and I truly lived through the eyes of my girls.
We did Disney and Universal- They had so much fun- it made me smile constantly- inside and out


Reba said...

I love Pennsylvania Dutch Country! I'm taking my husband there this August. So fun!

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