Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Favorites (May 20, 2016)

HOORAY for my FAVORITE day of the week!
This is always one of my favorite linkups too!
Linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea HERE
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So here we go...I have A LOT to say this week- ha ha!!

Have you met "Carl The Crab?"
Well played Tory Burch....well played

and can you stand the way he is just hanging out on this super cute beach tote? I just want to jump right into this picture....ahhhhh
(Carl The Crab is sold out in most places.  You can still score him on the iPhone 6 case though and on those adorable espadrilles. Check him out 

and speaking of beach totes
I love all of the styles that come out at this time each year
I love large totes anyway but the beach is another excuse to use them- such classic looks

(Kate Spade bag HERE and Tory Burch bag HERE and Coach bag HERE )

and of course flips flops, wedges and sandals OH MY!
( Tan wedges HERE and Tory Burch flip flops HERE and Michael Kors Sandals HERE )

 Okay switching gears now......

Eva's "Tumbling Moves"
Oh do we laugh

Re connecting- Good for the Soul
(especially over oysters, white anchovies and Parmesan polenta croutons) ;)

Martingale Wharf in Portsmouth is a MUST TRY- incredible views (right on the water)- seating available inside and out- always lively and the best food and service!  Check them out HERE

Baby Jocelyn's Christening was beautiful
I think I had tears in my eyes the entire time
After the beautiful ceremony, we enjoyed a fun party at Tiki Island in Medford
Scenes from this baby's special day

(My dress HERE and the girls dresses HERE and my necklace, in a similar style HERE )

Health Apps
I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you

I joined a running program in town and we are doing the "Couch to 5k" program
I am learning how to run again but this is the first time I am training the right way
If you don't have a C25k program in your area, there is an app now and it walks you through the program

You slowly build your mileage and time
It is an interval training that includes walking and running and you go at your own pace
So far so good....I am in week 3!  Stay tuned!

I am tracking my progress on the app called Map My Run
I used Map My Walk for my walks but now I have dialed it up a notch!

To record what I am eating and drinking each day as well as daily exercise, I like the My Fitness Pal App

Our Cheer Director Laura got me a sweet deal on a Bose speaker
Just scored the SoundLink Mini for 50% off- CHA CHING
We have already enjoyed it around the house and it is not even cheer season yet!

and one of my favorites, always, is jazz
Ella Fitzgerald is my favorite but a new, hot jazz album to check out is
Megan Hilty- Live at the Cafe Carlyle
Amazing- those of you who were fans of Smash will really enjoy it- she does a couple of songs from the show (you can find it right now on iTunes) I am listening to it right now as I blog :)

"Ladies Who Lunch"
With some of my favorite people- always so fun and so easy
(Big props to Mary Ann's Diner in Windham!  They always serve us a Mimosa or Champagne with our breakfast or lunch- they know we need it) ;)

Season Finales
Well one SERIES Finale- still devastated

Awesome finale for The Family but purely DEVASTATED that it is over

and Jane The Virgin?
Just DEVASTATED with the Season Finale- how about you?  :(

and sometimes I just get an outfit down- that is a definite Friday Fave; I feel like it takes me much effort to put together the perfect outfit BUT sometimes it happens easily and you think- wow!
I get much help with ideas from my fellow bloggers and Pinterest.
This outfit is "boss" as Zach would say ;)
 Top is Stitchfix and you can find their site HERE , Jeans are also Stitchfix, Sandals HERE , Necklace HERE and Jacket, Similar Style HERE

GOLF!  Back on the course Wednesday night and couldn't be happier (even though I am awful!) 
I need another lesson from my father-in-law

Getting ready (Pidge was supervising)

and on the green with the ladies

Hope you all have an amazing weekend- we have another fun one planned!


Darcy said...

All those beach totes are so cute! Carl the Crab is too funny!

Brittney said...

That outfit is perfect! I never seem to make put things together well. And thanks for sharing the health apps. Right now I just use S-Health (on the samsungs), but the Couch to 5K one would be a good change. Thanks for sharing!

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