Monday, July 4, 2011

Good Morning Baltimore! hot hot...CRAB...sorrys...CRAB...the harbor...what a wonderful 4th of July weekend we had in Baltimore!

On the plane- Diana is ready for take off- this was her 2nd time on an airplane!

Getting settled in our room!

The view of Inner Harbor from our room at the Hyatt Regency!

We then had some fun at the Hyatt's rooftop pool...Diana was a little fishy. We enjoyed lunch and cocktails on the deck too (well Diana just had a burger!) ;) We got a kick out of the fact that they served us our drinks in Starbucks cups!

After a nice nap, we hailed a taxi to hit the most recommended crab restaurant in Baltimore, Obrycki's! (We were also told that it is Oprah's favorite place to go for crab)

It was such a fun experience...

Well... a little too much excitement for Diana or she had something that didn't agree with her as we were getting ready to wrap it up, she threw up everywhere...pool little bugger! After doing so however, she was almost proud and was very emphatic when telling us and anyone else who would listen "I frew up in the crab store"...although I was worried for awhile, I could tell she felt so much better after and couldn't help but think how precious she is (sometimes) ha ha!

Back at the hotel, we chilled with Mimi and Papa for awhile in their room...Diana was enthralled by Mimi's feather hair extension...that feather was the provider of the most jokes this weekend (kidding Mimi!)

The next morning we enjoyed breakfast at Bistro 300 in our hotel but not before Mama worked out with Mimi! (have you ever seen a grandmother that looks this good?)

Sightseeing and shopping- so fun to see a new city!

Later on...we chilled and got ready for dinner...look at my handsome hubby..he probably got to read for about 3 minutes here...such is life with a monkey!

At Phillip's funny though...we all ordered steak! HA HA! (well my steak came with a crab cake on the side)

As promised...Diana got a cupcake from the Cupcakery...a pink one ;)

That night, Daddy took Monkey to bed and Mama enjoyed a few cocktails with Mimi and Papa. We met some great guys in the bar who were there for their college friend's wedding...there were people there for the wedding all weekend so we got to see all of the beautiful Indian dresses and decorations for the know me...I love weddings so I was psyched to be in the middle of it all of course!

Check out my "Frenchman Husband" the next morning...he just kills me

Later we took a water taxi and toured Inner helped to cool us all down..the weather was around 95+ all weekend and we are so not used to this hot weather right now! (such wimps I know)

After touring, we enjoyed a leisurely lunch at none other than The Cheesecake Factory (on the water which we can't do at home) and then headed back to the hotel to kill some time. Diana enjoyed running around and going up and down the escalator with Rob

Oh yeah...lots of treats from Mimi and Papa all a super long candy necklace and pops and just about anything

Back at the airport...Diana lead us all in a sing along...we were belly laughing and it was a great way to unwind after the blast we had!

Back at Logan last night...Diana is calling it quits!


TheUnSoccerMom said...

WOW!!! Looks like everyone had a great time (except for the throw up part).

I'm loving the drinks served in Starbucks cups and the pic of your hubby hugging the bucket o' beer! haha!!

Your little one is adorable and I'm super jealous of her curly hair and pink cupcake! :o)

kinze said...

loved all your pictures ... sounded like a perfect summer vacation ... and your lil' gal is just a doll!

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