Sunday, July 24, 2011

Diana's 1st Trip to Canobie Lake Park!

We all enjoyed watching Diana have a ball at Canobie Lake Park last night. She was in awe when we first walked in!

First stop? Tea Cups! (not really a kiddie ride but we thought it would be harmless because Diana braved the tea cups in Storyland last summer with Daddy and Papa Pete AND Ally and Zack would be with her) She started out happy?

Then was a bit skeptical

and downright scared at the end...her first words to Rob and me coming off the ride were "I was scared...I went on these when I was a little baby with Papa Pete and Daddy" We could not believe she remembered something a year ago when she wasn't even 2 yet! She was so adorable. She didn't let that stop her either...she was immediately ready for some more rides!
We toned it down a bit and hit the kiddie rides and she was thrilled :)

Then it was time to let Ally and Zack get on one of their rides...dare devil rides as I call them..there is a new roller coaster called Untamed there and it was the scariest ride I have ever went straight up in the air only to have it drop straight down and go upside down...pure terrifying...Diana was patient waiting for the kids (and because we got her a slush) and then we watched them and snapped some pix...they loved it of course

Time to look at some animals

and then a drive in the old fashion cars!

and then on the way out, Diana spotted Michael Jackson and was enthralled...she must have stared at him for 10 minutes...precious...great night!


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