Friday, July 22, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

Our first garden veggie- the "big zucchini"- went right to my Mama who made our garden grow :)

An informative business lunch with our clients over at MGH

New business that I brought in- WOOHOO and actually feeling that I am really good at this- it has been way too long since I have had business confidence!

Feeling appreciated again- again, it has been way too long

HOT summer days...this weather reminds me more and more of my childhood when we would play under the sprinkler...jump in the pool and the special days when Mum would take us to the beach!

a wonderful reunion with my College Pal Sharon and learning she will be back in a few short months again- CANNOT wait for Thanksgiving Eve :)

a beautiful night in Boston with my Mama...couldn't talk fast enough...wanted to get everything has been a while since one of our girl nights...great margaritas...yummy nachos and ever fun gossip :)

and for the fantastic mini series "The Kennedys"...Rob and I enjoyed it so much together and we are the self-proclaimed Bobby and Ethel (even though our political views may be a bit different, their love spoke for itself)


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