Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dear Diana (at just about 3!)

Dear Diana,

I have been reading my old blog posts/journal entries lately and cannot believe how little you were when your life began. I reflect back all the time on how sick you were and how with every illness and all of the pain, you fought through it. You were such a tough little trooper. That is why I understand now why you are so tough..often times stubborn and head strong!

You are a precocious (almost three year old) with a flair for the arts- drama, dancing and singing- we have no idea where you got that. (tongue in cheek here)

You talk up a storm...speak in clear sentences and have an advanced vocabulary. You were so advanced that you have already been placed in pre school at your school. The teachers are amazed at your vocabulary and social skills. (I guess having older siblings really pays off!)

Your best friend at school is Maxwell. You also adore your siblings, dance pals and Mylexis (your pet name for Alexis). You are still very close to all four of your grandparents (you don't know how lucky you are) and Uncle Matt.

We always joke that you are the boss of three homes now- ours, Mimi and Papa's and Papa and Grammy's.

You have fallen in love with The Beatles (don't know how that happened either-wink wink) as well as Michael Jackson, The Fresh Beat Band, Beyonce and Lady Gaga. Mama will have to soon switch the radio station in the car to something different from Kiss 108 but I have been slow to make that change and as a result you know every word of every song in the Top 40 always.

You have Mama's curly curly thick hair, Daddy's eyes, Daddy's feet, Mama's hands and never ending energy- we call you the Energizer Bunny- often times you outlast us at night!

We are working on potty training but it is very slow (because again you are stubborn). We have started giving you prizes every time you got potty but you absolutely refuse to go poop on the potty. I am kinda at my wit's end.

You are still a little mother- you take care of your babies and always make sure that when a live baby is crying, he or she is ok. You are very nurturing.

You crack up at are extremely loud and VERY love the security of your family and home and you have added so much magic to our lives. Our worlds revolve around you.

You make me want to do fun things a kid is so exciting seeing you happy...a few of your most happy places and where we hear you belly laugh is in the ocean, at the beach and when you are riding swings at the park. I wish I could freeze those moments of joy...I soak them up as much as I can.

You have a great appetite but again, one of a typical toddler- some days you like certain things and other days you will not touch those same things. You favorites continue to be chicken, pasta, grilled cheese and now mac and cheese. You have also taken a liking to grapes, strawberries and Pirate Booty- ha ha! Of course, anything that you shouldn't have, you want like cookies and cake and ice cream! Shocker?

I am enjoying you more an more- you are becoming my little side kick and we can have conversations now. I an excited for what the future holds and want to thank you for saving me and making me feel like a great mom even when I am struggling.

I love you my baby bird.



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