Friday, July 8, 2011

I love...celebrating a Blogiversary!

In honor of my blog being four years old, I am celebrating with some random love...

I love determination

I love summer mornings in Windham...exercising outside and seeing neighbors doing the same thing...boot camp at Griffin Park....running down Cobbett's Pond Road...cycling on Range Road...I feel sometimes like I finally get what they are selling ;)

I love trying new fish tacos...mmmmm delish

I love that I was just able to fill my gas tank for the first time since February of 2009...I look back and I can't believe we made it through that recession and all of the rough times that came with it...NOW because of better times and more specifically my new career, we can fill our gas the Charmin...get out of debt and get into a neighborhood (off a main road-booyah!)

I love that my blind faith has paid off...I love that it is confirmed again that when you do the right thing, the rest falls into place

I love pink...shocker...anytime I need workout attire or accessories...oh yeah, they are are some samples of my collection...ha ha!

I love Lilly Pulitzer and finally being able to fit into her things- here are pix of my two purchases!

I love the 4th of is one of my favorite days all, white and blue....America...oh yeah and watching Monk and Daddy enjoy strawberry shortcake together :)

I love fitness...wait what? Yeah...I love taking control


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