Sunday, July 17, 2011


My new boss has a vacation home in Quechee, VT and he offered it up to my business partner and me for our budget/forecast/strategy meeting on Friday...he then told us to have our husbands and families join us Friday night and stay the weekend. He is beyond generous and it was a wonderful way to kick off a new beginning.

Elisa and I cranked on much so that while we were strategizing and forecasting the next six months, we actually brought in business immediately and started to recruit at the same was an absolute blast!

Here is my amazing business partner in her glory...yes this was our lunch break...J. Lohr came along for the ride :)

Here was the beautiful view from the back deck

As we wrapped up our business on Friday evening, our hubbies, Diana and Bella arrived and Manny and Elisa started to make us the most wonderful meal ever! It was a seafood fra diavlo kind of dish and it was better than any restaurant dish in the North End. It was amazing watching them work their magic in the of course, I had to capture the action (and that is when my husband regaled them will tales of my blog- hey I think I got two new readers out of the deal so he can laugh all he wants- ha ha!)

Manny starting the sauce

Elisa cutting the garlic (just like my Nannys used to do)

Manny got the fish right in Boston earlier that day..there was shrimp, scallops and littlenecks...unreal!

The girls had a dance party while this cooking was happening...we must have listened to the same Fresh Beats song 16 times!

Back in the kitchen, Manny works on the littlenecks...

Gotta sample the clams to make sure they are fresh...I got to do the same and boy were they ever!

and the finished product...out of this world!

after dinner, we enjoyed some time on the deck...Diana bossed us all around and we had to listen to Michael Jackson (Dirty Diana of course) and All the Single Ladies

Saturday morning we headed down to the club to enjoy the pool
Diana was sooo ready! (Don't you love her outfit? Can't get enough of it!)

At first we started in the kiddie pool and then when it was time for the big pool to open to the public...Rob found a life vest that fit Diana! She felt so big swimming around :)

and then we ALL took a nap...never get to do that and it was so nice to relax!

Saturday night, we took a drive over to Woodstock (this well known town is actually right next to Quechee and only took us about 10 minutes to get there) It was so quaint!

Daddy starts by night by taking his girls' pix :)

We enjoyed a great dinner at Bentley's in the middle of Woodstock

Can't go anywhere without "pink"

Rob's steak came on fire! ha ha

Gotta get some quality pics in even if we are stuffed beyond belief!

We then walked around but to our dismay, all of the shops had already closed. Thank God for the Woodstock was beautiful to take a peak inside and even better, their gift shop was open so we could grab a few souvenirs for the kiddos :)

Back at the house, we all snuggled on the couch and enjoyed Monsters Inc...we could not believe Diana...she was the most still since birth! She really enjoyed it and Rob and I made a pact to start watching more movies with her...she was in awe!

This morning, it was a bit more quiet time on the deck...then we cleaned up and headed home...great summer weekend AND my first time ever to Vermont!


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