Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What's Up Wednesday!

What we're eating this week?

Of course our streak of grilling continues but in addition to our grilled meat and salad dinners, we are adding in some meatless nights!

This Summer Veggie Tian is on tap for tomorrow...stay tuned!

Last Weekend, I made The Pioneer Woman's Chicken, Feta, Blueberry, Corn Salad again when we had our parents over.  I have been having leftovers for lunch because it is!

and I am making this dip for a party this weekend...doesn't it look good?  Hope the reviews are great!

and I am making this one for dessert...hope it is not too tricky!!

What I'm Reminiscing about?

Diana got her very first library card today.  Some of the books she checked out were books I grew up with.  It brings back such wonderful memories.  Did you ever read Miss Nelson is Missing? (It's a classic)

What I'm Loving

Walking...Jogging...Working out in my Neighborhood...I love where we live and I LOVE being outside...I also love the fact that we live near the Country Club in town and I get to look at the beautiful golf course...especially early in the morning...nothing like it

My cheese boards....I got to host our wine club last week and was very pleased with the presentation....not to mention how much fun we had too!

My Lilly glass from Ally made an appearance :)

awful but hysterical picture of me

and the last thing I am loving...but certainly not the least is my "Preppy Pidge"
(just need to pop her collar!)

What We Have Been Up To?

Wolverines Camp started and this year I am helping to coach Diana's cheer team
At times I think, "what did I get myself into?" and then when Diana says, "I am so excited that you are going to be my coach...I love spending time with you!" I know why and I know it will be worth it!  The first night was actually a blast and I was surprised at how happy the girls were to see really do appreciate things more than we realize!

What I'm Dreading?

Eva teething...she has started and I feel so bad for her when she is in poor Pidge...I just dread when the first tooth starts really breaking through :(

What I'm Working On?

Calorie counting and running.....building up to 2 miles straight and keeping calories between 1200-1600 daily...ongoing process

Did my first 5K in years with one of my besties Jill...It was the Lobster Tail Fight to Finish Cancer 5K in Windham....Jill is a great runner and she encouraged me and wouldn't let me back out and didn't mind walking half of the race with me...she didn't mind me holding her back and kept cheering me on...a true friend

What Am I Excited About?

The next two weekends!!!

This weekend is Town Day in Windham which means our fireworks and activities for the kiddos but beforehand we are grilling and chilling with some wonderful friends!!

and next weekend...for the 4th of July...we cannot wait to head to Kennebunkport Maine with Mimi and Papa...Diana is probably even more excited then we mom and I already had a strategy session at Tewksbury Country Club one great view and our strategy....restaurants...beach time...fireworks...shops...Oh My!  Can't wait!

What am I Watching?  Reading?

Watching?  In addition to the shows I debriefed you on a weeks back?  The Windham School Board meetings...yep...the local Channel 20...especially my hubby...Robby B

and we watched our wedding video...we showed Diana and she LOVED it...she got so emotional...especially during our parent was very touching...we then watched it again with my parents and had a ball

and an addition to my reading...because I have about four books going right now...a new recommendation from a friend...Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother...can't put it down

What I'm Listening To?

Love this tune!

What I'm Wearing?

My new Lilly finds on Ebay!
This pic is blurry but my fave is the blue striped dress I wore to our Summer Wine Night at Tuscan a few weeks ago...the colors are so vibrant

and the navy and coral sweater one...haven't worn it yet...will be debuting it in is what it looks like...and yeah I wish I looked like that in it...pipe dream!

What I'm Doing This Weekend?

Using the fresh herbs on my deck to make some homemade recipes for some friends (referenced above and what I am excited about!)

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month?

The beach....beach...duh!

What else is new?

Working on our summer list...Diana got her first library card today AND already read two books!  She is on her way :)

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