Monday, June 22, 2015

Our 2015 Summer List

Diana and I make a Summer To Do List Every Year!

Click HERE for our 2014 Summer List and

***Unfortunately we did not make one in 2013 :( ***

 Click HERE for our 2012 Summer List

Click HERE for our 2011 Summer List and

Here is this year's list...completely drawn out and designed by Diana

and in case you can't make out the words, here you go:

1. Have a sleepover with Alice
2. Eat outside
3. Go to the beach and boogie board with Mommy
4. Go to Canobie Lake
5. Go to Cape Cod with Alexis and Alana
6. Go to Maine with Mimi & Papa
7. Go to Griffin Park with Eva
8. Do Sparklers with Ella
9. School Book with Daddy
10. Get library card and read 10 books this summer
11. Play dates with Lily, Ana, Yug and Brooklyn
12. Have my birthday!

The most magical time of a child's life....I always reminisce about the wonderful summers I had growing giving my girls the memories too :)


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