Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our Summer List...

This is per the request of my BFF...she is fascinated by our summer list so I told her I would post it with our progress to date...we are making some progress BUT I wish potty training was one of them!  The things we have accomplished are in green....(and when I say "our" summer list...I mean "Diana and my Summer List"

Our Summer List 2011

1.       Visit Baltimore with Mimi and Papa
2.       Go the beach as much as possible
3.       Go to Canobie Lake Park
4.       Have a picnic
5.       Potty train
6.       Make the transition into a big girl bed
7.       Run through the sprinkler
8.       Ride Dora pike at the park
9.       Go to Wasabi with Cass and Alexis
10.   Make handprint stones for the garden
11.   Play dates with dance pals
12.   Visit the Rail Trail in town
13.   Dance Camp

 How are you making out with your summer lists so far?


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