Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Random Facts About Me (because it is always about me right? I WISH!)

I love my husband more than life itself

I love my job...I still can't believe it is real...I miss my last job but I feel that my talents are finally being utilized again...sales, recruiting, operations...the sky is the limit...I need to just define where we are going to take our business next..and that is a pretty cool challenge

I was the one who taught my stepson how to tie his shoes

I was PTA President...for 3 years...for my step kids

Since I started my new job (new career- big move) ...there have been a few days when I did not get to see my daughter once and that kills me

I was the one who took my stepdaughter to her first "big girl" doctor's appointment and I was the one to have the serious "birds and bees" talk with her...not just the fun stuff and the favors...the heavy stuff...the stress...is what makes me a good parent

Ask me about The "March 09 Pay Cuts" sometime....great story for you and a very happy ending!

I am a beach person...an ocean person...a Summer person and one of my strongest dreams is to own a beach house/condo/whatever on the ocean...but I will admit that since having Diana, I get more and more excited for fall too!

My oldest stepdaughter has become such a lovely young woman...and I find it so cool that we can have deep and real adult conversations now...I feel like we get along so much better now and that warms my heart

My 2nd stepdaughter is leaving for college next week...and my heart is already hurting

I am so so so grateful for the gifts God has given me and I pray every day that he gives me the strength to make the most of every opportunity


TheUnSoccerMom said...

PLEASE tell me how you get through sending your step daughter to college... I still can't fathom that I'll be doing the same for my daughter next year...

I'm a beach person too!! I love the beach and just about everything that goes with it. :o)

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