Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Random Thoughts While At The Gym This Morning

Yes...while running on the treadmill and riding the bike and lifting weights, I listen to my iPod and watch Channel 7 news and work with my polar watch to ensure I stay within my "fat burning zone" but my mind still wanders...that's normal right?

Every time I have these random thoughts now, though, I immediately think, "I have to put them in my blog!" It is a sickness but I treat this blog as my online scrapbook and journal and someday I want to look back and remember just how crazy I was :) I go...

Have you tried Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt ?  In one word?  OUTSTANDING...our local spot is Andover, MA.  I noticed it first when I went to meet Sharon for dinner downtown.  There were people all over the center of town and it was just hopping. I noticed a crowd in what I thought was an ice cream shop but of course Cassandra, the friend who goes everywhere first, had to educate me.  We tried it last week and LOVED it and you can really enjoy a sinless treat (if you do it right)- the yogurt is all in machines all along the walls...they have regular flavors...nonfat flavors and lowfat flavors...there are traditional ones like chocolate and vanilla but also some more fun ones like wedding cake and cake batter.  After filling up your yogurt cup, you can load up on toppings....anything FUN and sinful like chocolate chips, heath bar and chocolate syrup BUT again you can go the healthy route and load up on strawberries, blueberries and was a blast and Diana completely approved!  This weekend I am taking my parents to introduce them to this wonderful oasis!
I also thought about my new job of is consuming me right now as I am in the "brain overload" stage and learning as quickly as I can.  One of the things I have found amusing is that my new clients (particularly the ones within hospitals) love to be schmoozed...wined and dined...and the proof is in the business...for example, one of the best hospitals in the country is right here in Boston and we have a  great relationship with them.  We went out to lunch, they ordered the best seafood dishes on the menu and then ordered wine...I followed up with a call a few weeks later...marketed one of my best candidates and they interviewed her right away...I think we will have another placement there this week and I swear it was the pinot grigio and scallops that did it!
We did something different this past weekend and went to the beach in the late afternoon for a few hours and enjoyed the most comfortable weather at the ocean and a beautiful sunset...Rob really approved...slowly converting him into an ocean person ;) Enjoy our trip to the beach...Instragam style

Have you tried Van's Muffin Tops?  Outstanding and the perfect breakfast for me with a tablespoon of almond butter on far Cran Bran is my favorite.  Helps to get the metabolism going and a breakfast I look forward to (nice break from egg whites!) Check 'em out!

Still LOVIN' my polar really keeps me in is great to continue to build up my running endurance but the longer I run, believe it or not, the longer I have to workout because my personal goal is at least 30 minutes in my fat burning zone and when I run, I am constantly in my fitness after 30 minutes of running, I ensure that I take it down a notch and ride the bike for 20 minutes and do some weights for about 10 minutes.  What an invention...truly
I have not cooked alot job....summer...lots of business meals out....hubby grilling for us...but need to get back to it...promised Kayla my linguine and clam sauce and having the rents for dinner so going to make my eggplant and  salad and pizza...back to cooking...apparently back to my heritage too

As I have posted, we are really excited about our garden and have successfully grown zucchini and now cucumbers!  They look kinda a yellowish green BUT they are delicioso!  Rob found a recipe for pickles and even made some pickles out of some of the cukes...they are phenomenal.  Here is Diana harvesting the cukes;)

Lastly, as I reflect on the last year, I cannot believe the highs and lows...job loss...fear of losing everything and then hope...slow economic recovery....frustration...quality family time and then blind faith paying off...we thank the rosary for the answered prayers.  They say Mary answers prayers when you pray the rosary but they also say that she pays extra attention to those rosary prayers when they are coming from someone who is new to the rosary...I witnessed it first hand.  I am not preaching...I am not some holy roller...I promise to get off of my high horse but this thought was the most important of all and I needed to share it

Continue to enjoy your summer everyone :)  I know we are!


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