Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Diana Turned 3 Today!

It was a quiet day at home....I work from home on Wednesdays so Diana often has to entertain herself...she did so and was off to a great start but as I tried to really potty train her and have her walk around in "big girl underwear", she had MANY accidents...10 to be exact.

Between work calls, I snapped some pix of her in her element

Reading books

Playing a homemade drum
Eating popcorn watching Dora
Opening a birthday present from apple pie kit!  SO PRECIOUS

After several tantrums including screaming and crying, things settled down a bit when Daddy got home, (until the next tantrum)...we ate supper and celebrated with a mini-cake

and then we headed outside as promised....we blew bubbles

and then we made Diana's hand prints exactly on the day she turned three- they are setting in a cement stone right now and we will place the stone on her deck or in our garden for years to come...we can check another thing off our summer list!

after our cement activity, it was time for a tubby and bed...although I tried to be nice all day and keep my just didn't happen...but one thing remains true...I will love my baby girl until infinity....I am so thankful that God gave her to us....she keeps me going and inspires me to keep doing better.  Happy Third Birthday Diana Mary....Mama loves you My Baby Bird!


TheUnSoccerMom said...

Awww!! Happy Birthday Diana!!!

Praying today is a better day as far as the tantrums and potty training goes. :o)

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