Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

A few days late...long story

A gig free night for my hubbo and all of  his help preparing for the Princess's big Dora Party...lotta work but we have fun doing it together!

A perfect day for our baby girl's party...there is nothing better than watching your child in her/his happy zone...that is the best gift!

A beautiful 70th birthday celebration for my Dad...nothing like quality family time

After feeling my first earthquake, just thankful that everyone is okay...we knew we were rocking it in our bullpen but we really weren't sure what the shaking was all about!

A FANTASTIC 3 mile run outside with two friends this week...just reminds me how much more fun and encouraging it is to have friends to exercise with AND gets me even more psyched for the 5k we are doing in September at our high school!  WOOHOO!  CAN'T STOP- WON'T STOP!

For just being right where I am supposed to be...


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