Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Favorite Things About Summer...

The smell of the ocean


Dipping warm lobster in melted butter

The taste of salt on my skin

Sun kissed skin…sun kissed hair…that special glow

An abundance of day light

The buzzing of the cicadas in the trees

Sleeveless dresses…sleeveless tops

The smell of a charcoal grill…especially when my Dad is cooking on it

Yankee Candles like Clean Cotton and Honeydew Melon

Low tide…plenty of wet sand to sink my toes into

Ice cream stands

Cool Water….J. Lo’s Miami Glow…my seasonal scents

The 4th of July


Boat rides

Ribbon Flip Flops

Dining Al Fresco

My hubby’s surfer dude bathing suits

A house full of kiddos…..


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