Friday, August 5, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

A chance to rest and get better because my hubby is the bomb, as usual

Hall Pass- hysterical movie- love belly laughs

Coffee talks with the BFF- never gets old

Living so close to the ocean...and getting to enjoy an evening there last weekend

Quality mini-fam time

Having 2 go-to hairdressers...I know Cass will make fun of me for this one..but those who know me, know the curse I was born with and it is so nice to have two talent, patient hair stylists that I can call at the last minute- fee lucky- if they can do my hair, they can do anyone's hair!

The pace and activity in my new office...grateful because I thrive in fast paced environments like this one and I have a business partner who I love to work with

Booster babes an all of the fun fall planning we started last night...I love high school football season!  (Thanks Zack)

My parents always but for taking Diana to York Wild Animal Kingdom yesterday...Diana had a blast and I love all of the tales my parents regale me with...


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