Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Weekly Gratitude

I am thankful for the the past two years that we have had with our pastor and priest.  Although I am deeply saddened but their upcoming departures, I truly appreciate the time we had with them.  I never looked forward to mass more than with them...especially my Friday morning masses with Father Brian.  His sermons were always so inspiring and relative to current day.

I am thankful that there is finally a search committee in place and a process established to find a new Superintendent of our schools...keeping the hope

I am thankful for our yard...I guess we are appreciating it even more this year because we were buried in several feet of snow all winter long...I keep finding excuses to be on the deck and in the yard

I am thankful for being back in the game!!  Woohooo!

I am thankful for coffee with friends


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