Monday, July 27, 2015

Cape Cod with the Fourniers

Have you ever been to Cape Cod?  As we say in New England, "Down the Cape" is where you can exhale.  Crossing the bridge means leaving your troubles behind.  Here we are doing just that!

My friends Marion and John have owned a beautiful property in Dennis, MA.  It is called The Willows.  It was an historic building and an old Inn that they updated.  They have shared many happy memories there and it is a short walk to the neighborhood beaches.

A few years back, they were awarded an opportunity to purchase another property that abuts theirs.  It is another historic property and it is called Sea Side Farm.  When they bought Sea Side Farm, they knew that they would never live there but they would update it and use it for visiting family and as a rental property.  Their daughter Mari is the property manager and she was wonderful to work with.  Look at this beautiful welcome tray she had waiting for us!

We were so excited to be able to rent the property from them this year.  We made a family/friend trip out of our vacation with the Fourniers.

I know Diana had the time of her life and will never forget the special times she shared there with Alexis and Alana.  Eva had so much fun too but I am afraid that she will not remember much, if at all.

She experienced so many "food firsts" too!  She had her first watermelon, first pancake and first chocolate chip cookie.  She even enjoyed rice pilaf one night!  

The first day we got there was time to unpack and get started with water balloons

That night, we ventured out for dinner and enjoyed the Marshside in Dennis.  It was great for families especially with the kids.  They had plenty of toys in the waiting area and even had cocktail service for the adults!  It was also nice and loud so we didn't need to worry about Pidge squacking ;)
We got a few nice shots outside, after dinner.

After dinner, the girls entertained us on the is their Spice Girls Routine

and the next day....Pidge enjoying her first watermelon :)

Love the sign!

The view from the deck

Our 2nd day meant THE BEACH!  We tried Corporation Beach first.  It was beautiful and the water was so calm and warm but high tide kept making the beach smaller and smaller and it was SO crowded because it was a very hot Sunday!

Steve went home that night to run a golf tournament for the business.  The next day Rob was the bomb and acted as our chauffer.  We decided to do some shopping. We hit the famous Cuffy's for shirts and then some little jewelry and souvenir shops in the area.

Check out the matching "Mom and Daughter" rope bracelets that we snagged ;)

and we had to hit up a Toys R Us so the girls could get Shopkins...Shopkins on the deck for everyone!

After shopping, we enjoyed the deck

One of my favorite things about The Cape is that my favorite flower, the Blue Hydrangea, is EVERYWHERE.  They grow so well near the ocean and beaches.
That night, we hit up "Sundae School" for homemade ice cream.  Pidge was NOT happy when hers was gone!

As the week went on, we loved how Alana grew very fond of Rob ;)

and how Pidge loved EVERYTHING we gave her.  Here she is enjoying her first pancake made by Daddy

Evening stroll at Corporation Beach

The next morning, Rob offered to keep the girls at the house and Cass and I snuck off to Howe St Beaech.  Despite the big sand dune to climb, the beach was more beautiful...less crowded and just what the doctor ordered.  We read and enjoyed some relaxation.

Steve re-joined us and that night, we hit The Sand Dollar Bar and Grill for Kids Karaoke- what a ball they had!

Moms had fun too!

Throughout the week, we really enjoyed the deck and yard.  We painted glasses on the deck with the kiddos and they loved playing with their toys there and running around the yard.  Their favorite part, though, was the swing at Marion and John's.  They were gracious enough to let them use it too :)

Cass and my favorite times were catching up with wine and apps in the afternoon

Alana's Mermaids (they reminded me of the Sea Weed Dolls that I LOVED to play with when I was that age)

Eva enjoyed her first ever chocolate chip cookie on this deck too!
and the girls enjoyed their "homemade popsicles" there too

and snuggling with Eva became a favorite past time too :)

Thursday Night was "Girl's Night Out"...the guys cooked on the grill and then took the girls for bumper car rides and ice cream.  Cass I enjoyed enjoyed apps and drinks at Fin and then a night cap at the Lost Dog Pub

Our last night meant "the last supper" which we enjoyed on the deck

and then heading into Hyannis for some shopping and homemade ice cream at Katie's
We ended the night with time spent at the swings and overlooking the ocean

The lovely Fournier Fam

Until we meet again...


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