Saturday, July 18, 2015

1st Annual "Hot Dog Hoedown" Hosted by the Grahams

1st Annual "Hot Dog Hoedown" Hosted by the Grahams

It started out with onion relish.  Yep.  Greer always amazes people with the food she makes.  When we had a "Thank You" party for Rob last summer (to thank all of our friends who volunteered on his school board campaign) Greer brought a tray of homemade condiments to compliment our burgers and dogs.  One of the awesome things she made was this Coney Island Onion Relish.  Well Eric died and went to heaven.  Jill told us, during the Memorial Day parade this year, that Eric would not stop talking about that onion relish and he was begging her to make it.

Well that is all Greer needed to hear.  She emailed us both the recipe and said "we should have a cook off sometime!"  Jill took that opportunity to invite us over to their brand new home and brand new pool and suggested we do the cookoff poolside.

Greer then stayed on us to set a date and so we did- it was last night.  She also came up with the idea to make competing toppings for hot dogs.  The three of us would each make two toppings and then the husbands would judge (blindfolded of course).  

Greer made a chili to complete the "Coney Island Chili Dog" as well as Poutin (which is a French Canadian topping of french fries, cheese curd and gravy).  

Jill made teriyaki dogs complete with sauce and grilled pineapple as well as French Onion Dip and Chip Dogs

I made my homemade White Chicken Chili for the dogs and I had Rob make his homemade salsa for salsa and cheese dogs

We had an absolute BALL and so many laughs....Jill's homemade margaritas helped with the giggles

Before the cookoff, the kiddos enjoyed the pool and we chilled

Then Eric got the firepit started.  After the kiddos ate their plain dogs, they toasted marshmallows and made s'mores

While the dudes were supervising the kiddos (well Eric did most of the supervising), the ladies were busy preparing the dogs in the kitchen

and then the contest...we blindfolded them...hysterical!

and the winner was Greer and her Coney Island Chili Dog!!!  (no surprise, she is unbelievable chef- if you follow the blog, you already know that)

and the night was a huge success...lots of laughs and time spent with good friends...I love Summer!

and by the way, don't drink and grill ;)


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