Sunday, July 5, 2015

4th of July Weekend in Maine!

4th of July Weekend in Maine!

July is my FAVORITE time of year....and I LOVE LOVE LOVE celebrating the 4th of July

There is something about celebrating our freedom and looking for RED, WHITE and BLUE everywhere that makes it so magical

I love trying new patriotic recipes...usually find some on Pinterest
In years past, I made red, white and blue jello jigglers and red, white and blue cupcakes
I have even made a red, white and blue potato salad but enough about that

 How about my sandals?  What do you think?  They are my favorite and I rarely wear them- a shame indeed
I got them 12 years ago in little Rockport, MA...don't ya love the sparkles?

We planned a long weekend with Mimi and Papa
We started with a trip to Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport on Friday
It is really not a super public friendly place- we even were blessed with a $50 parking ticket when we were parked on the street AND the meter maid told Rob to park there...crazy....
even with that minor nuisance and inconvenience, the beach is my happy place and there is no better place to be in the Summertime than NEW ENGLAND folks :)

The girls had a ball on the beach!  It was Eva's first time actually playing at the ocean...she embraced it!

After a few hours, we took for Kennebunk and checked into our hotel- The Port Inn

That night, after much research, we headed over to Wells and had an awesome dinner at Hobbs Harborside.  The drinks were amazing and the seafood fantastic...Pidge liked the rolls ;) My dad got a jalapeno margarita which was outstanding and my blueberry cosmo was the best I ever had...mum and I got the seafood pie for dinner and each one had a whole lobster tail!  For dessert, we indulged in the blueberry pie....two rules for consumption when you visit Maine the lobster 2. eat the blueberries

After dinner, we went out back which was RIGHT ON THE OCEAN...we captured some awesome family photos!

Later on, we walked around downtown is so quaint and the shops are fun

The next day was cloudy...we already knew the forecast so we had planned on a leisurely breakfast/brunch and then walking around
We went to The Colony Hotel for breakfast....we didn't know it ended at 10 and couldn't figure out why everything was mostly empty...the manager was nice enough to comp us and although the meal wasn't the greatest, the views were breathtaking...and of course we seized the moment to take a more pics...yep just a little obnoxious..ha ha!

and later back in Kennebunkport

After some more walking around, we headed back to the hotel so we could enjoy the pool...well Diana did....we had a blast having cocktails and apps poolside and my parents regaled us with tails from early on in their was so relaxing and so much fun...Pidge is teething so hence the face when you see her pic below :)

Mimi and Papa also brought us Uncle Al's homemade wine to try and it was DELISH...I was so the way, that is him on the bottle...doesn't it look like Pidge???

Me and Mama

That night we headed to a Kennebunkport fave Alisson's and tried the famous lobster rolls- phenomenal!
Afterwards, we grabbed ice cream and I had the best ice cream that I have ever had in my entire life- blueberry whoopie pie- wish I remembered the name of the shop so I could recommend it-sorry :(\

Today, we wrapped up our long weekend with one more trip to the beach..this time we hit Hampton Beach State Park...trusted was PACKED but we still enjoyed a few hours before we took off for home.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend.


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