Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dear Diana (at 19 months)

Dear Diana,

You are such a sweet little lady now! It is amazing how much you have grown and how you continue to improve your health and strength!

We had your check up yesterday and you now weigh 24 pounds and 9 oz and you are 31 inches long! (That puts you in the 48th percentile for weight and 30th percentile for height) You are our precious little peanut!!

Everyone agrees that you are bright- you are up to 38 words! You also speak additional words that we don't understand but you understand everything you are saying.

You are also starting to feed yourself with a fork and spoon...such a big girl...or as Mama likes to call you Miss Independent.

You have successfully taken over as boss of our family and know exactly how to manipulate us and your grandparents...when you do something wrong/fresh, you immediately try to make up for it with a kiss...hysterical.

You have a new friend Alice in had one play date so far and another one planned. It is really special because you two will be in school together!

You have inherited "the curse" or Mama's curly hair and both Mama and Daddy's energy, passion and drama...we knew this would happen, of course, when we had a child!

You still add so much magic to our family...this is a very rough time for us and you consistently take the stress away and erase the negativity associated with business and work pressure. When I am down, you help me will myself to a positive place and help me to laugh every day.

For that I will be forever grateful as I am to have you....

I love you my Baby Bird,


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