Wednesday, March 17, 2010

and more...

205. I don't understand "Octomom"...I mean...she is getting state assistance and continues to have babies...and continues to get assistance...oh yeah and continues to get botox? unreal!

206. Peoples' situations aren't always what they seem

207. Diana's newest words: Zack (so flippin cute the way she calls him), Alice (her newest friend), Keekie (for Cookie Monster or the actual treat), A B & C, socks (sounds kinda like Zack but we know what she is saying

208. this is going to sound REALLY WEIRD..but with all of the rain, there has been so much flooding in our corner of the country...of course Windham didn't escape this crazy weather and the area near our exit ramp flooded out and the exit to route 93 is partially a result, people need to drive around Cobbett's Pond and come by our has literally tripled the traffic and............... I LOVE weird is that? I love when people beep as they are driving the hustle bustle and just plain love it...WEIRD...oh no wait..."flippin fruitcake"

209. So...Rob's truck died...oh yeah worst possible time financially...just when we thought it couldn't get any did...oh yeah...anyway...I am excited to drive the new is very sleek so things could be worse right??

210 I love being able to open the windows....smell the fresh air and feel the sunshine...our winters here are long enough

211. One of my dearest friends came over last night and brought her famous guacamole...even though I love the guac...I love spending time with her even more...we could talk for hours...never run out of anything to talk about

212. I just got a VERY COOL new client! WOOHOO

213. I love my weekends with my full...they erase all of the pain and stress

214. Alright for shits and giggles....guess who the men are in these photos...Mum..I know you will appreciate this one!


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