Sunday, March 14, 2010

Once Upon a Mattress at WHS

One word? Impressive....this group is brand new...several of the actors have never even been on stage before...impressive.

This cast was so energetic and professional. Typical of Windham, the power went out (that is getting old) and this cast, mid-song, stayed in character and finished the musical number. It was actually the last song of the first act.

Last week, Zack said, "I think I want to try acting...I think I would be good at it..." Anyone who knows my stepson knows how true this is and we are so excited that he wants to get involved.

It would be an honor for him to be part of this group, under the direction of George Kendall.

I hope, some day soon, I can lend my time to George's productions by helping out with choreography as I have done in years past in Massachusetts.


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