Sunday, March 7, 2010

Only 140 to go!

191. In 3rd grade, I LOVED Sha-Na-Na like so many other kids...I ended up telling all of my friends that the group was coming to my birthday party...I even believed it...then at CCD one day, one of my friends asked our teacher (my mom) if they were really coming and she said "Oh Sweetheart, I don't think so" cover was blown but it was still a dynamite party- hysterical when I think about it now!

192. Have you seen Julie & Julia yet? Well Meryl Streep struck me as she always does...she really deserves the Oscar...she had Julia surprise and I loved learning more about that amazing woman...but what struck me the most, I am sure you will all get this, the part of Julie and her mission of blogging and accomplishing her recipe goal via the blog...I can so relate...writing has always been therapeutic for me and now my blog allows me to have this creative outlet too

193. Jesus Christ is my Lord & Savior and there is nothing like sneaking in a mass first thing...before work...especially during peaceful

194. I curse Cadbury for invading every grocery store and drug store I walk into right now...they make some of my favorite candies and biggest weaknesses....Cream Eggs...Mini Eggs.....Caramel Eggs....oh my! (I keep reminding myself if I want to continue losing weight and looking good in my J Crew finds on Ebay...I must abstain!)

195. Sex and the City- great series- better movie (enough said)

196. I was reflecting this weekend on my high school church youth group retreats...what a great thing they were...such a safe place for a teenager to be her/himself...I hope some catholic churches, around the world, still host these wonderful weekends

197. I love to cook, as you know. I am told that I make the best Linguine and White Clam Sauce, Veggie Lasagna and Buffalo Chicken Dip. My favorite things to make? (I mean outside of tacos and quesadillas...ha ha! Calzone, Pizza, and Funky Salads

198. I had a wonderful little weekend...I can truly say that it was full, I had fun, did some good things for the soul and even got some rest! Friday night, Rob had a gig, so I enjoyed some sushi, Tohu and the movie Julie & Julia. Saturday we started swim lessons with Diana again and she had a BALL! Later on, I met an acquaintance from town, for coffee, and helped her with some career advice. That night, we had our friends over for dinner (they are going through a very tough time with the health of one of their daughters and we wanted to take their minds off of the stress for awhile with some good company and good food of course) and then today we enjoyed mass, grocery shopping and then some spring cleaning and a few trips to storage. Tonight we are looking forward to the Oscars :)

199. Guacamole is best served with Blue Corn Chips

200. I am so excited that both Shannen Doherty AND Kate Gosselin are going to be on the next season of Dancing with the Stars!! I know some of you are asking why??? I find them both very intriguing women for different reasons

201. I picked Coke during the Pepsi and Coke taste test (circa 1983?)


203. Check out my new playlist on the left...I will slowly add to it...but these are some of my favorite songs...those songs that haunt me year after year...

204. I am going to head over to the couch now and start watching the Oscar pre-shows....LOVE looking at the different gowns...come join me...bring your popcorn my loves!


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