Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dear Diana (at 6)

Dear Diana (at 6),

6?  6! What happened to my baby bird?  I miss some of the cute little things you did but I am trying to enjoy every is just that I get so melancholy sometimes.  I think one of the biggest things I miss is some of your versions of words that were so adorable.  I miss the way you said flower "frower" and bracelet "bracalit" and ball "booww" and glasses "glassiesh" and toilet "toelit" and so many more words.  I also loved the way you would use your "baby sign language" that you learned at Little Sprouts, especially when you were saying more :)

We loved that once you started talking you would say "more more?" for one more?  and then when you would ask Daddy for more milky in the crib and he would say "in a minute" and you would always reply, "in a minute?  alright!" hysterical.

I will never forget the time I picked you up from Little Sprouts and you started walking to me...ever so cautiously but so proud of yourself and so happy to see me...melted all my worries of the day away.  Before that, I came to pick you up there, with Daddy, during a very snowy day.  You were in the bouncy and you were so excited to see me that you started bouncing like crazy and giggling....I will never forget it.

You started dancing at 2 years old and on picture day, you had a meltdown so I was worried you wouldn't make it through your first recital.  Once dress rehearsal day came, however, you took one look at the group before you and heard the applause they got, so you couldn't wait to take the stage and you just hammed it up! (shocker)

I loved how you also had an appreciation of music so 3 years old, you were singing All the Single Ladies by Beyonce and dancing with Maxwell...your dances at first, consisted of bending back and forth.  Too cute!

Your first few years at Happy Feet Dance School were so special.  You were so little and precious and we bonded with another four girls and their moms- our "Dance Moms" had the cutest little group and we got together for play dates and birthday parties and it was a time...although short...I felt that I could balance everything well...even when we couldn't stay as long as everyone else, I still was able to participate in the fun, as a working mom.  We miss those girls...and hope to have a get together soon.  Life just gets crazy....

At four years old, you started cheering at ECE and that began another exciting chapter for you.  Coach Lisa has been instrumental in your growth and enthusiasm for this sport...and we love to watch how sharp you are!  This experience has given us the entree into the world of competitions and I have to say, it is a blast.

When we transferred you to Kiddie Academy, to be closer to home and to meet kids in town, it was a rough transition.  It was a crazy summer anyway...we were moving AND Daddy had to have hernia was a time of transition and you cried a lot.  I felt so bad but knew in the long run, the move would make elementary school easier (and it did!)

You had the best year in Kindergarten thanks to Mrs Pappalardo and knowing some kids from KA and Wolverines cheering.   I was able to spend some time in your clasroom too.  I got to come in and do crafts and site words and help to serve during holiday parties.  I remember thinking, I was in the happiest place on earth.  Such an innocent environment and one that was open to learning and encouraging and once again I felt that pain in my heart.

This past year has been a challenging one for you.  I couldn't keep up with you alot because of my pregnancy with Eva...kept me very sick and very tired for most of the 9 months but you were so patient.  When Eva was born, it changed your world forever.  I know you are struggling with having to share attention but you love her so much and we think you are the best big sister ever.  In the future, you will realize how great of a gift she is to you...especially when all you have is each other some day.

You are now getting ready to enter first grade.  I can't wait to see all of the learning and fun in store for you.  You are continuing with cheer and dance and we will be starting CCD homeschooling this year too!  I love you more than life and I am very proud of you.  Happy Birthday My Baby Bird!

Love, Mama


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