Monday, July 28, 2014

Dear Eva (at 3 Months!)

Dear Eva at 3 Months,

Right about now we have learned that everything about you is the complete opposite of Diana.  You are the “chill baby.”  In Diana’s defense, she was sick.  You have been eating like a champion and don’t have the challenges she did.  Right now, you take a few very short naps during the day BUT you are sleeping 8-10 hours overnight!  We are THRILLED!  We can FUNCTION!

You are very sweet and love to smile.  You love laying on your activity mat and playing but your favorite activity is watching Diana entertain you :)

You are the best snuggler and LOVE to be held. 

You are eating 5-6 ounces every 2-3 hours and nap maybe for a half hour or so a few times a day.  We will probably start solids in another month!

You love the don't mind a heated pool (Portsmouth) and you feel secure in your crib at night.  You have completed our family and bring such a peacefulness to our lives

We love you Pidge!

Love, Mama



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