Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dear Diana (at 4 years)

Dear Diana,

When I started writing this, I could not believe that I was actually writing 4 YEARS!  Isn't it only 4 months?  Where has the time gone?  It sounds so cliche...people always say, "the days can go by so slowly but the years go by so fast."  How true.

I think about how sick you were during your first year.  I think about your pain and discomfort...but what gets me through the thoughts is how strong you much of a survivor you hard you fought through every acid episode...cold...flu...bug.  You inspired me and still do.  I think if a baby can withstand the pain and press on then so can I.

You have grown into a precocious little girl who knows what she wants. Some of my favorite things you say and ask are: Are you happy? Maaammmmy I need you! Where am I going today? Is it MY birFday yet?  I miss Daddy...

You are going through major changes right now and you have not been a big fan of change, however, as always, you fight through it and you are a very happy little girl.

You changed pre-schools and although you had a tough time adjusting at first, you now proclaim I LOVE SCHOOL!  We are so happy because the curriculum is just fantastic and in a few short weeks you have learned to write most letters and know all of your shapes.  You also know exactly what everyone is wearing and what hair style they are sporting on any given day- hysterical.

We have moved and you were such a big girl with all of the changes especially with all of the family stress going on and more bodies in the house around you.  We have tried to provide you with stability and security and sometimes the changes are just too much BUT deep down you know things are for the better and we will always take care of you.

Although this summer was not a typical summer for us, we tried to provide you with some fun.  Even though there were only a few trips to the beach, you were able to attend Coach Lynn's Cheer Camp in town and it was the absolute HIGHLIGHT of your summer.  You were the youngest girl in the camp and you kept right up with all of the big girls!  As a result, you are starting competitive cheerleading at a gym in Manchester next week...we are so excited!

Another change, about to take place, is you are about to change dance studios.  I know you are not thrilled right now but the good news is that your pal Alice will be joining you.  We are very excited because the studio is somewhere you will be able to stay through high school.

You will also be starting SOCCER...can you stand it?  Daddy is VERY excited for that one...he already got your shin pads and we are going to get your cleats for your birthday!!

We are gearing up for a big trip to DISNEY at the end of the fall.  We are certainly not rushing the rest of the summer away or even the fall BUT how can we not get excited?  Mimi and Papa are treating us to the trip of a lifetime.  It is perfect timing too, because you are getting so into the Disney princesses and I love when you announce them all: Cinderella, Pocahontus, Ariel, Bell, and then of course "Jasmint" LOVE it!

You are getting better at eating your veggies...we can thank your new pre-school for that as well and you are even venturing out and trying some new fruits that have become some of your new faves- plums and peaches thanks to Mimi :)

You love playing school and playing the teacher and you now love to boss Grammy around..I don't know how she tolerates you but I am grateful that I can get so much work done on my days from home.

You are still our little blessing...our little Princess Diana...our family magic and of course my Baby Bird.

I love you!  Happy Birthday my sweet little monkey.

Love, Mama

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