Thursday, August 23, 2012

Best Night for a Stepmom

Tonight changed my life forever...for the better.  It wasn't because of what you think either.  Tonight was a very successful night.  Rob and I are part of the parent volunteer board of the Windham High School football program.  We hosted our first ever "Gridiron Gala."

As we planned, our goal was to have a fun night where we could welcome the freshman players and parents in.  It would also be a night where the coaches could introduce the players and we could get a good look before the helmets go on!

Everyone had a blast...the parents but especially the players..they did not leave the dance floor.

My greatest moment, however?  Something completely unexpected.  
A few moms and I asked the DJ to play a song and dedicate solely to the "Football Moms"
What happened when he started to play it was that the players ran for their moms and brought them to the dance floor and started dancing with them.  

I am not sure if any of my step mom readers know where I am going next but here goes nothing.
As the players were pulling their moms to the floor, my first thought was awww...that is so sweet and so awesome!  Then the panic immediately filled my body.  Oh yeah, I am not his mom.  Time to step back again.  Then I just got sad, but tried not to be selfish and covered the sadness with a smile and danced with a few mom friends who were still lingering on the dance floor.

Then, my night and my life changed forever...every sense of doubt of my place...need of inclusion...wondering if they would remember me at their weddings at all...disappeared.

My stepson pulled his mom to the dance floor and then ran around...he ran to my husband (as I found out later) and asked, "Where is Holly?  I need to find her...I have 2 moms!"

His mom called to me and said, "Zach is looking for you!" Then he found me and said "c'mon"...and the three of us danced together.  

He told his buds, "I was with 2 ladies."

My life changed tonight..more than most people will husband understands...the dedicated step moms out there will understand...may seem so trivial to most but I am at peace tonight.

All the years of sacrifice...frustration...hurt...doubt...disseminated in that one instant.

My husband told his son, "I am so proud of the way you handled that bud" and he said in reply, "what?  I was looking for Holly right away...I have two moms."


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