Sunday, August 12, 2012

Diana's First Hair Hair Cut!

Can you believe that I waited almost four years to get her first hair cut?  I think it has been my own hair phoebias that held me back....everyone loves her hair...long..curly...often times wild!    Well, I knew I wanted her to have long hair...and she loves her long hair BUT it definitely needed a trim.

So...we made a trip to Soleil Salon in Windham and Katie did a great job!

Here the Monkey is before

and during the cut...she was LOVIN' the experience ;)

AND...the finished product!

it was worth the wait...AND the lollipop of course!


Shannon said...

She looks so cute shorter hair and all! Lucky she sits still, both my girls will only let me cut their hair and it's a fight with my youngest most of the time ;)

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