Friday, April 17, 2015

Grand Cayman with Aspect President's Club

My hubby is a rock star

Plain...and simple...

He achieved President's Club for 2014 when he managed to achieve 162% of his quota
He actually also made the High 5 club which qualified us for an extra night in Grand Cayman but we had to get back to our babies!

We had a wonderful, relaxing get away with beautiful weather (which we appreciated even more after the most horrific winter in New England)

Rob had fun getting to know people from work better and I LOVED meeting and hanging with some fellow sales people-all inspiring- all so fun....and hanging with the spouses was also a blast

On Sunday morning...very early...we headed to Logan Express to take the shuttle into the airport
(This was right after the Breast Cancer Fashion Show so we were running on pure adrenaline)

This is a shot Rob took for my BFF...she introduced me to Sea Bags...have you heard of them?  They are made from recycled sails SO COOL...check 'em out here Sea Bags
Here is mine...HUGE but Oh so perfect for the beach...and as a carry on :)

We flew from Boston to Charlotte...huge hub...then it was Charlotte to Grand Cayman
Great flights- very thankful...
then it took us 1.5 hours to get through customs...UGH worth it....when we got to our hotel,
The Westin on Seven Mile Beach....we got right outside to have a cocktail and the BEST shrimp cocktail you can imagine...served with the most awesome pineapple salsa....we could not believe how it good it was and more importantly, how beautiful this property was!!!

This was "Pidge"... a brown pidgeon with blue eyes....we felt it was our Pidge telling us she was ok :/

Once our room was ready, we went up to change and to get ready for the Aspect Welcome Dinner- it was on the North Pool Patio with tiki torches and the works...we even got to enjoy fireworks over the was unbelievable...on our way down to dinner, we snapped some pics of course

The next morning, Monday, we got up early and went for an awesome walk on the beach...great workout...beautiful views!

We grabbed a quick breakfast at Ferdinand's.  At the Westin Hotel, they pride themselves on serving "power foods"...I really enjoyed the breakfast smoothies...this one was blueberry and banana

Later, Rob had a brief meeting and I enjoyed reading on the beach.  My book this time around was All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner (my favorite author).  She did not disappoint.  Although this one was more sad, it was still excellent writing.

I changed up, grabbed a cocktail with some other wives and then we met up on the North Beach for an Aspect lunch.  It was another outstanding meal of grilled meats and Caribbean salads.  The company also let us each pick out a new pair of Oakley Sunglasses- so cool!

This is called the "Bumpin Bananas"

Outfit for lunch

That night was the big awards dinner.  It was amazing.  I loved reading what Rob's manager said about him in the program and then loved watching him walk up to the stage for his award from the company president.  As we have talked about, so many times, hard work does pay off.  It may take years and several hardships but when it finally does, it makes it all the more sweet!

Tuesday was our favorite day!  I must interject at this point that this was a true vacation for me.  Not only did we get to relax and catch up on rest and sunshine but our days and evenings were planned for us.

So...back to Tuesday....we chose the Stingray City excursion.  We got to take a catamaran out to Stingray City.  We jumped off the the sandbar (very shallow waters) and literally swam with was an amazing experience and once the pics are developed off of the waterproof camera (7-10 days)...I will post them here.  After the swim, we jumped back on the catamaran and it took us out to Rum Point where we enjoyed their famous mudslides and an awesome lunch.  We got to swim in the beautiful water and just enjoy the scenery.

After this exciting day, we had a little time to take a nap and then get ready for that night.
The company organized a private party at a Wine was such an amazing concept.  I really hope to see one of these near home soon!  After the wine bar, our group broke into three.  Each smaller group went to one of three restaurants.  Our restaurant was Ortanique.  As exhausted and sun-drenched as we were, we did enjoy our dinner.  We ate outside overlooking the bay which was all lit up and were accompanied by tiki torches.

I LOVED this wine...Red Blend called 6 8 9 and made in Cali of course...hope we can find it at home!

Wednesday was Rob's day to golf and I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the beach.  It read SO MUCH....and then I had lunch by myself...the most outstanding fish tacos accompanied by the Cayman lemonade.

That evening, we got to have massages in The Hibiscus Spa...more heaven!
After that, it was time to get ready for the big Farewell Dinner.
We enjoyed more Carribean fare along with a slide show to music of our week together on the island
What a wonderful time!

The next morning we grabbed breakfast and took a few last minute shots of the scenery...and the obligatory selfies of course ;)

We are so very grateful for this rest and relaxation in paradies
We are even more grateful that our village took care of our babies...thank you to Ally, Aaron, Mimi, Papa Pete, Papa Bob and Gram... we couldn't have done this without you XOXOXO


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