Friday, April 10, 2015



I am grateful that I married my soul one true best very grateful for rock

I am grateful for my parents and the way they raised me...for teaching me respect, discipline and hard work and for making so many moments so special for my brother and me...our the pool...our family vacations...our holidays...or even our snacks after school

I am grateful for my brother....and that I didn't have to be an only child.....the person I can laugh with and who always gets the family jokes...Holiday Rooooaaaddddd

I am grateful for my daughters....true gifts...I am grateful they have each other and that we have the blessing of raising some strong future-women

I am grateful for my stepkids...who taught me how to be a parent...what love and support meant and for giving me the chaos in my life that I learned to love and laugh at

I am grateful for my in laws who have always loved me unconditionally and have supported us through thick and thin

I am grateful for my friends....old and new...who provide me always, with new ways of looking at life and new ways of appreciating community and support

I am grateful for my career and the people I get to work with...people that truly appreciate what you do and motivate me to work harder and to be a better, ethical person

I am grateful for my husband's career and company...a company that believes in him and rewards him for his hard work....we are going to Grand Cayman because of the aggressive goals he met.  I am so proud of him and look forward to reconnecting on the beach.  Before we get on a plane, I get melancholy and in case anything  happens, I wanted everyone to know that


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