Friday, April 24, 2015

Happy 1st Birthday to Our Sweet Angel Eva

Happy 1st Birthday My Sweet Girl

Dear Eva (At 1 Year!),

You are, our sweet girl, our "Pidge", our blessing.  As Mimi says, our "treasure."  You have brought a welcome peace to our family.  We couldn't be happier and your big sister just showers you with love.  Although she had a tough time in the beginning, accepting that she had to share the spotlight, she has become so protective of you and just loves you fiercely.

Your Daddy and I always laugh because you and Diana are so opposite.  Luckily, you did not have a rough first year like your sister did.  You took to your formula very well.

You suck your little thumb (precious) and love being in your crib with a soft blanket.

You eat the healthiest foods (Thanks to the Smart Baby company).  They now have combined fruits and veggies in packs and it was the miracle to get kids like you to eat their veggies.  So you LOVE kale when it is mixed with pear and banana.  You also enjoy squash, pumpkin, green beans, beats, and all kinds of fruits and cereals.  You are not a fan of turkey and rice or chicken and veggies.  You prefer being a vegetarian at this point ;)

You love going to Kiddie Academy once a week.  You are comfortable there and have made some pals.

You are ok with the don't like it as much as Diana did but you LOVE LOVE playing in the pack and play.  You have just started pulling yourself up so in there, you can walk around, holding on and kneel and sit and play or even lie down when you get tired.

You are crawling like mad but there is no walking yet...we think you may be a little lazy ;)  You also prefer that we hold your bottles for you.  Ha ha!!

The funniest thing you do is dance.  You rock side to side to music all the time.  We also crack up when they ring the bells at church because without fail, every week, you dance to the bells too- hysterical!  You also danced every weekend that Diana had a cheer really enjoyed the loud music!


You love to babble and you have said Mammmmmaaa a few times but mostly when you are crying.  You say Da and Da Da quite a bit....he is your hero.  Last week at church, you looked at Papa Bob and said "Papa!" We all jumped.  You haven't said it since, but you are making progress :)

We always ask you for kisses but you are quite like giving your stuffed animals kisses though!

You are just our joy....our treasure.  You have completed our family.  You gave Diana a sister and you will always have each other when we are long gone.  I know Mama is getting sappy but you constantly show us how precious life is and remind us to stop and smell the roses...and maybe play with a "pigeon" along the way.

We love you Pidge.

Love, Mama

Happy Birthday!


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