Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What's Up Wednesday for August 2015

What's Up Wednesday for
August 2015

I can't believe a month has already passed since my last What's Up Wednesday post!  This is my new favorite monthly Blog Link Up!  It makes you stop and enjoy where you have been, where you are now and what you are looking forward to!

So....let's go!

What We're Eating This Week...
I have been on a salad kick and more specifically making up my own recipes!
We enjoyed my twist on a caprese meal salad which includes fresh spinach, fresh roma tomato, fresh mozzarella, gluten free rotini and a splash of olive oil topped off with pepper and a dash of salt if you wish ....complete healthy and so even got two thumbs up from Rob!

Another homemade salad I made is Quinoa, Spinach, Corn and Tomato Salad
It includes the ingredients above in addition to a splash of olive oil, fresh lemon, pepper and a dash of salt...another complete meal....I loved it but Rob was not as crazy about this one!

What I'm Reminiscing About...
Cheering...In High School....Helping to coach my daughter's team is bringing back so many great memories...cheering was my favorite part of high school and practices coupled with this time of year is sending me into Melancholyville ;)
Check it out...Senior Year in High School (the one on the the white)

What I'm Loving...
Pinterest Ideas for "Teacher Survival Kits"

 Outdoor time with my special "first baby" our tans in this pic too!

and speaking of time much this summer!  Just LOVIN the heat and fresh air...
especially during my walks

and lovin my water....have started adding fresh mint and lemon or fresh mint and peaches or even limes to it to spice things up a bit!

What We've Been Up To....

August is our CRAZY many celebrations!

In addition to the celebrations, this one goes without saying.....
Cheer...cheer and more cheer!
Check out these besties....LOVE this pic!

and our 11 year anniversary- Date Night!  We had a great dinner at Valentino's in Hudson.  Check them out HERE 
We started at the bar to have a drink and split an appetizer.  Well...if you must try the Bocce Balls!  Beware, though, they are big enough for dinner!
Example A
 and the Mango Cosmo was delish too!

 and we celebrated Dad's birthday at Felicia's in Stoneham this year (are you sensing an Italian theme?)

and then, of course, Diana's Pancakes and Pajamas Party!

What I'm Dreading....
The white stuff...won't even say it out loud...or even write it...will be here TOO SOON

What I'm Working On.....

Have you ever tried a burpee?  Well my trainer Alice made me do them...they are like death...hardest physical thing I have ever fact at the end of my session, I almost passed out
This is what they look like and imagine doing three sets of 10...pure torture

and....I have been working on my blog!
What do you think?
A BIG THANKS to Christine at Smitten Blog Designs
She was very patient with me (a novice with no technical ability) and I think she did beautiful work.
After several hours, I was able to get all of my recipes categorized and linked up to the tab up above....I also did this for fashion and parties but there were much less for those two categories.

What I'm Excited About?

The Newport Wine & Cheese Festival

What I'm Watching/Reading?
Still working our way through How I Met Your Mother...Just started Season 8
Dance Moms is now on hiatus
and just caught up on Pretty Little Liars!  OMG...what did you think of the Season 6 finale?
CANNOT WAIT to see who "he" is who is coming for Allison!

and just started another Elin Hilderbrand novel...holding on to summer as long as possible!

What I'm Listening To....
Lots of "T Swift" right now...for cheer...for working out...she is the bomb!

What I'm Wearing....
Dresses....Dresses.....Dresses Of Course!
Find the green dress HERE

Find the Lilly Estrada Shift in "Shell Me About It" HERE

What I'm Doing This Weekend....

Girls Night on Friday to cheer a friend up.  Her mom recently relapsed and is fighting cancer.
A few of us are surprising with her with a wine night
We have cheer pictures Saturday morning then we are heading to our pool club for the rest of the day....even packing up a picnic dinner!
Sunday means Football Game, Move in Day to UNH for Zach and hopefully some chilling out!

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month.....
Actually next month is next week so this counts!
Portsmouth with the Millers and LaPierres...CANNOT WAIT!
Quality family time and ocean time...nothing better :)

 What Else Is New?
Holding on to summer with my coffee too!
Savoring the Island Coconut k cups right now

 and in a month or so, I will make the switch...when I finally get my head around embracing the fall.....
BONUS QUESTION THIS MONTH: What is my favorite back to school tradition?
It has to be our first day of school pictures.  We always capture pics with the chalkboard and pics of Diana getting on the bus....getting Eva on the bus will be here before we know it too.  Holding on to these beautiful days!  Check out Diana's first day of school in Kindergarten HERE and then her first day of 1st grade HERE
Hope you are all enjoying the rest of your summer!
Linking Up with Mel at The Larson Lingo HERE


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