Monday, August 10, 2015

UCA Cheer Camp

UCA Cheer Camp

So our girls have an opportunity to attend the UCA Cheer Camp at St. Anselm's College every August.  This is Diana's first year of eligibility as she has moved up to D8.  The D8 girls are the youngest girls allowed to attend.

She was all smiles and SO EXCITED when we got to the dorms.  We were joking that she was ready for college.  I was so nervous but she was on Cloud 9.  ( I was still skeptical, however, that she would be okay at night but we left her in good hands.)

Diana and her roomie Lilly had fun "stunting" with their dollies 

When we left on Friday, the girls were pumped and my pictures I  got texted to me, from the coaches there, all looked good!

All Windham Cheerleaders in Attendance- 63 of them!

Kelly, who is also helping to coach our D8 team kept texting me updates...I guess as the girls were showering, they were even inviting older girls to their room for a "party" she put it, we are in trouble!  Here the girls are, ready for some bedtime fun

After the happy shot, when it was time to settle down, is when Diana had trouble and we got the midnight call to pick her up....she is still so little and she was just too the rest of the weekend, she commuted and still got the full experience.

On Sunday, we got to see the girls in action.  They put on a great demonstration on the football field.

and our favorite part of the day was when Diana was recognized for being one of the hardest workers at the camp.  She was awarded a  pin by the UCA judges- such an honor!

We are excited for our season!
Choreography starts tonight- WOOHOO!


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