Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Favorites (End of Summer Edition)'s Favorite Day of the Week!
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My Friday Favorites today are being dedicated to this summer....
When I look back over the past few months...different things stand out in my mind.....

Maine...our 4th of July Weekend with My Parents...we had a blast!

Our first annual Hot Dog Hoe Down at the Grahams
We had so much fun and laughed SO  HARD

then the Cape with the relaxing and good quality time w/ the BFF

and times spent with new friends whom I have been blessed with...
Kindred Spirits they are...Beth Ann and Jess

and Diana's dreams have some true...Eva can finally play with her...we have loved watching them interact more and more and now even play together!  The past few weeks have been wonderful in this regard!

and cheer...yes it started in the summer but it has been a life changer...just fun for Diana but for me it has truly changed my lifestyle and has helped me to get on the healthy train!

and for my fashion faves?
My SeaBag had to be the BEST accessory for me this became my new peach new pool club new tote all around...have you seen them?  Their motto is "Once a Sail, Forever a Sea Bag"...they make their bags out of used boat sails...isn't that cool?
Check them out HERE 
and here is my precious gem...I chose the large bag with the Silver Anchor...they have different designs and colors...check them out!

My  newest discovery of Kendra Scott Jewelry
The Rayne Pendant is my favorite...I bought it in Cobalt Blue

and then because Ebay makes all things possible...I got a knock off pink one...I'm crazy like that ;)

My favorite summer dress ended up being my Lilly Estella Shift in "Shell Me About It"

I kinda impressed myself this summer too....I left my comfort zone and have tried two new things to better myself and focus on a healthier me

Working out with a trainer and writing EVERY THING I eat down for her in a journal...the most honest I have ever been with myself

oh yeah...and also taking golf it is hard but it is a challenge that I embrace and it is another excuse to hang out with my friends

and although I cling on to summer for dear life...there are a few things I am looking forward to....
like my Autumn Chicken and Squash Risotto...especially for my risotto night w/ the BFF....
and Yankee Candle's Pumkin Spice....oh and this outfit...I found some pieces on Ebay...can't wait for them to arrive so I can put them together and try to pull this look off!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer...I know I will...and did I mention it's Friday?????

Yeah Yeah!!!!!!!


Seri Roth said...

Love the fashion in this post! You have great taste. I hope you have a great weekend! - Seri from

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